Fun Experiences Tailored to Your Goals

We work with schools, non-profits, and various companies to build custom outdoor experiences to meet the goals of each partner, ranging from after-school programs to multi-day expeditions. As leaders in the field of outdoor education with over 20 years of experience facilitating and leading transformative outdoor programs, we have the technical expertise and gear, risk management systems and insurance to execute high-quality experiences. Combining this knowledge with a flexible curriculum tailored to your team, allows you to reach your goals in a unique and fun way.

“We have been overwhelmed by the positive impact this program has had on our girls. They have become stronger classmates, friends, and human beings. Their work is truly transformational.”

Jake Guadnola, Annie Wright Upper School

Experiences We Offer

Single-Day Events

Seattle’s proximity to amazing outdoor spaces makes it an excellent place for single-day trips. With a fully-stocked gear library, we have all the equipment and expertise to take your group snowshoeing, rock climbing or hiking for a day. Have something else in mind? Our partnership program has the flexibility to meet your needs.

Overnight Trips

Do you have a group that would benefit from an extended outdoor experience together? We can plan a range of outdoor programming from one-night car camping, to multi-day rock climbing, to a week of backpacking. We strive to meet each group at their comfort level and show the amazing opportunities that arise from new challenges.

After-School Programs

Every summer, we facilitate exciting expeditions for hundreds of youth, making after-school experiences especially fun! An after-school or in-school program can teach a new skill, get young people moving outside, or focus on leadership development.  Whatever your needs are, BOLD & GOLD is excited to meet the needs of your community and provide outside-the-box programming.