Why Partner with BOLD & GOLD?

We work with local schools, non-profits, and community groups to build custom outdoor experiences to meet the goals of each partner, ranging from workshops to multi-day expeditions. As leaders in the field of outdoor education with over 20 years of experience facilitating and leading transformative outdoor programs, we have the expertise, technical gear, risk management systems, and insurance to execute high-quality experiences. Combining this knowledge with a flexible curriculum tailored to your community allows you to reach your goals in a unique and fun way.


“We have been overwhelmed by the positive impact this program has had on our girls. They have become stronger classmates, friends, and human beings. Their work is truly transformational.” – Jake Guadnola, Annie Wright Upper School


Experiences We Offer

Two teens walking on the beach with backpacks and camping gear.


Gain a greater sense of connection, accomplishment, and leadership in Washington’s pristine wilderness. Our expert instructors will teach your group all the necessary skills to travel and camp safely in the wilderness. With varying levels of terrain, length of trip, and location options, we can create a memorable and rewarding backpacking experience for everyone.

Backpacking Programs Offered: March - November

BOLD & GOLD Campers setting up tents


Join us for camping trips throughout the Pacific Northwest. We can cater camping trips to include multiple activities, days, and locations. From an overnight car camping and canoeing trip in a local state park to multi-day rock climbing and hiking trips, camping programs are a great way to experience more of what BOLD & GOLD offers. 

Overnight Camping Programs Offered: January - November

A group of teens on a hike on a hillside overlooking a valley


Enjoy a fun way to experience the beauty of the natural world while making friends along the way. Hiking programs can range from short, low-elevation hikes to longer, more strenuous, challenging adventures. All hikes incorporate team building, local plants and wildlife knowledge, and amazing scenery! 

Hiking Programs Offered: March - November

GOLD Group of campers in kayaks on the water

Kayaking and Canoeing

Explore the wonderful waterways of Washington with us! Our kayaking and canoeing experiences incorporate comprehensive standards and curriculum to ensure your group feels comfortable and confident on the water. From kayaking alongside otters in the ocean to canoeing among the lilies of inland waters, we have a boating trip to suit your group.

Kayaking and Canoeing Programs Offered: April – November

Two teens looking at maps in an outdoor skills workshop

Outdoor Skills Workshops

Workshops are designed to give you hands-on experience learning outdoor skills such as backcountry navigation with maps and compasses, knot tying, shelter building, cooking on camp stoves, and many more. Workshops can also focus on other pertinent skills such as communication, team building, and conflict resolution. 

Outdoor Skills Workshops Offered: January - December

Three teens rock climbing outside

Rock Climbing

Reach new heights with an outdoor rock climbing adventure. Experienced BOLD & GOLD instructors will guide your group through all safety protocols, gear, and climbing techniques to help climbers of all skill levels challenge themselves and gain confidence.

Outdoor Rock Climbing Programs Offered: April – October

Group of campers snowshoeing and posing for a picture


Snowshoeing is a unique and fun way to get outdoors in the winter. After a few basic exercises, even beginner snowshoers can walk away with the skills and knowledge necessary to master traveling in the snow. It can be a rewarding challenge, and there is nothing like warming up with some hot chocolate on the ride back from the mountains, having seen beautiful snowy peaks and frozen lakes.

Snowshoeing Programs Offered: January – March