Get Ready to Lead!

We are excited to offer teen leadership opportunities at Camp Orkila to help teens become multi-cultural leaders.  Level 4 Leadership Programs, Islanders and Counselor in Training, require an application and interview process. Information about Level 5 programs (Orkila Summer Intern - OSI) and applications will be ready on January 3!

Grades: 10th-12th in fall 2024
Cost: $4500 / $5625
Participants learn advanced boat handling, advanced navigation, and expedition planning. Working as a team, groups will plan their own trip through the San Juan Islands. This trip will challenge perseverance, kayak skills, and leadership abilities. Islander participants will take what they have learned and practice leading their peers at least once as Leader of the Day.

Counselor in Training (CIT): 
Grades: 11th-12th in fall 2024
Cost: $4500 / $5625
Participants take the first step in becoming a cabin counselor. Participants focus on team building, leadership skills, and counseling techniques while at camp. This four-week program includes a week of training and team building, a week "in unit" working directly with a traditional or specialty cabin group, a week focused on service both at camp and in the greater Orcas Island community, and a final week to celebrate and reflect.

Orkila Summer Intern (OSI):
Grades: 12th in fall 2024, and under age 18 for duration of program
Cost: $900 / $1100
Teens will participate in a unique, multi-faceted leadership experience that prepares them for future positions of responsibility. The internship offers a great chance to develop your resume, gain work experience and build friendships. Participants will attend training and then will fulfill various roles around camp during an exciting four weeks, expanding their leadership knowledge and enhancing the camp experience.

OSI applicants will be required to submit references as a part of the application process.

Application deadline extended to March 4, 2024

Please allow 5-7 business days for follow-up instructions once your application has been submitted. Decision letters will be sent out on a rolling basis starting January 22, 2024 for islanders and Counselors in Training, and starting March 4 for Orkila Summer Interns.