Six Kid-Approved Activities Featuring Animals

Last updated: September 19, 2023, at 2:27 p.m. PT

Originally published: September 12, 2023, at 8:29 a.m. PT

Animal mask craft project

Go on amazing animal adventures from home! From crafting animal masks to going on a virtual safari, these activities will keep your kids engaged while teaching them about the fascinating world of animals. These activities provide opportunities for your family to bond, learn, and explore the incredible world of animals together. Get ready to roar, hop, and flap your wings as you embark on these wild and wonderful adventures!

Create Animal Masks

Let your kids unleash their inner animals by making animal masks. Gather craft supplies like colored paper, markers, glue, and elastic bands. Each family member can choose their favorite animal, whether a lion, tiger, or elephant, and create a mask to match. Once the masks are ready, have a wild parade around the house!  You can also check out for some great animal mask print-ables.

Virtual Zoo or Aquarium Tour

Many zoos and aquariums around the world offer virtual tours. Pick a new destination each week and embark on a virtual adventure. You can observe penguins waddle, watch elephants play, or even see jellyfish dance. Check out your favorite zoos and aquariums' websites and social media pages for live streams and virtual experiences. has a great list to check out.

Animal Charades

A classic game with a twist! Play a round of animal charades by writing the names of various animals on pieces of paper. Each family member takes a turn acting out an animal without using any words while the others guess which animal it is. It's a great way to get everyone up and moving. Get a free set of animal charade cards here

Create a Wildlife Collage

Gather old magazines, scissors, glue, and a large piece of paper or cardboard. Let your kids cut out pictures of animals and their habitats from the magazines and arrange them on paper to create a wildlife collage. Discuss each animal's habitat, diet, and unique characteristics as you work together on this artistic project.

Animal Storytime

Choose a selection of animal-themed books suitable for your kids' age range and create a cozy reading corner. Take turns reading the stories out loud or simply enjoy some quiet time immersed in captivating animal tales. You can even discuss afterward the lessons and adventures from the stories. Check out 100 different animal-themed books recommended here.

Animal Yoga

Engage in a fun and active animal-themed yoga session. Find online resources or use your imagination to create yoga poses inspired by various animals. For example, you can do the cobra pose, downward-facing dog, and butterfly pose. It's a fantastic way to combine physical activity with learning about animals.  Cosmic Kids has some great online yoga resources, including this jungle-themed yoga session.