Play EVERYDAY Contributes to Healthier Youth

playEVERYDAY, a program that started in 2013, that focuses on youth gaining the competence and confidence they need to regularly engage in physical activity. The goal is for them to choose this as an ongoing lifestyle. A “play coach” provides fun group games that anyone can participate in which are designed to focus on health and skill related fitness including endurance, strength, flexibility, agility, balance, and coordination. These games further develop the student’s interest in physical activity.


  1. HELPING KIDS DO BETTER IN SCHOOL Studies show that Active Kids do better in school. Being physically active has shown to help kids focus in the classroom and in turn perform better academically. 
  2. INCLUSION! playEVERYDAY has a play coach who makes being active fun by providing games that anyone can participate in.

  3. COMMUNITY PARTNERS playEVERYDAY partners with schools, this means we aren’t asking our youth to come to us, but the Y comes to them helping youth be active where they already are.

  4. HELP YOUTH GET THE REQUIRED PHYSICAL ACTIVITY EACH WEEK playEVERYDAY helps youth get the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity during the school week, which King County Public Health has said that 76% of youth don’t get that recommended amount each week.

    King County Public Health has said that the most rapid growth in overweight or obesity are elementary school age youth.

playEVERYDAY is now located in three school districts – Issaquah, Bellevue, and Renton. A total of seven schools participate and over 125 kids are engaged in over 1000 hours of active play each week. The program was highlighted in the 2014-2015 Washington State PTA annual report for its success during the school year. Check out our brochure and fact sheet to learn more about the program! 

playEVERYDAY is supported by the YMCA Annual Campaign. Funds raised help provide resources, staff and trainings for this program. To learn more about the YMCA's Annual campaign, please visit