Meet Our 2017 Summer Staff

Last updated: August 21, 2017, at 12:54 a.m. PT

Originally published: May 10, 2017, at 12:22 p.m. PT

Our staff is what makes summers at the Y so special. Here are some fun bios to help you get to know our summer staff better!


Name: Justine

Role:  Director of Discovery Camps South King County

Loves to: Cook, decorate & garden

Best vacation: Disney World (of course)

Favorite color scheme: Mauves, Taupes & Neutrals

How long I’ve worked at the Y: 18 years

Childhood dream job: Animal caretaker—a vet!

Three words to describe me: Compassionate, creative and kind

Starbucks order: Iced caramel coffee with cream



Name: Briana  

Role: Director of Outdoor Day Camp and Discovery Camp Ilalko

Camp name: Ducky

Favorite book: Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park

Best vacation: Disneyland

Favorite color: Purple

How long I’ve worked at the Y: 3 years

Childhood dream job: Elementary school teacher

Three words to describe me: Goal-oriented, outgoing, BOLD!!!

Starbucks order: Venti Iced Americano



Name: Olga

Role: Program Supervisor

Camp name: Olgie Bear

Favorite book: Bible

Best vacation: All vacations

Favorite color: Burgundy

How long I’ve worked at the Y: 14 years

Childhood dream job: Pediatrician

Three words to describe me: Creative, adventurous and passionate

Starbucks order: Iced Passion Tea, Lemonade & White Chocolate Mocha



Name: Jessica

Role: Program Supervisor: Kids On Their Way

Favorite book: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Best vacation: Visiting the Australian National Zoo

Favorite color: Blue and Silver

How long I’ve worked at the Y: 12 years

Childhood dream job: Marine Biologist

Three words to describe me: Fun, hardworking and creative

Starbucks order: No Starbucks, but loves ginger ale



Name: Nick

Role: Assistant Director of Teen and Youth Sports programs (Youth Sports, Trek and Quest Camps)

Camp name: Narns

Favorite book: Jungle Book

Best vacation: First time  I came to Seattle

Favorite color: Gray

How long I’ve worked at the Y: 2.5 years

Childhood dream job: Go to the NBA

Three words to describe me: Passionate, funny and caring

Starbucks order: Strawberry Banana Smoothie




Locations: Auburn Valley YMCA