Latinx Heritage: Creating International Bonds

Last updated: September 30, 2019, at 12:43 p.m. PT

Originally published: September 19, 2018, at 5:07 a.m. PT

The Y of Greater Seattle is committed to building a global community at home. As an international organization, the Y is uniquely positioned to create meaningful and strategic professional development opportunities for kids, young adults and communities' members' growth and journey in becoming global leaders by harnessing the power of the Global YMCA. A portion of the global work we do is through our Seattle-based Global Teens programs which helps introduce teens to the world outside their communities.  

In July, the Y’s Global Teens group visited our International partners-Mexico YMCA for 10 days. They attended a national youth conference in YMCA Leon followed by a visit to Tijuana to learn about the important work being done at the US-Mexico border by the Casas YMCA para Menores Migrantes and the Women’s and Children’s Shelter. 

Nicolas Peters-Lopez was a Seattle Y Global Teens participant and had the following to say about his experience:  

“ I just want to thank you for letting me go on this trip to Mexico! I really can't thank you enough!  
This trip was such a great and fun new experience, and I loved to see the way of life of other people and learn a different perspective, not just assuming things about different types of people, but putting ourselves in their shoes. When we went to the shelter (Casa de Migrantes) this is what I was thinking about. Seeing all these people being treated badly by immigration just because they are different. This inspired me to make a change. Somehow, I made a new friend who was 14 years old in the Tijuana YMCA which was also a shelter for youth. He came from Oaxaca and he tried to cross the border three times so he can visit his family in California; I was very happy to teach him how to type on the computer and teach him some English to cheer him up a little.  

Anyway, all I want you to know is how grateful I am to be a part of that wonderful team you created, I hope I can continue to be involved with the YMCA. Thank you to our wonderful trip leaders too, who made this trip a little more special.” 

Delta's support of this program positively impacts the lives of people like Nicolas and ensures the Y can expose young adults to diverse cultures, helping them to increase their knowledge of others while embracing their differences.