Happy Lunar New Year: A Message from President and CEO, Loria Yeadon

Last updated: March 22, 2023, at 4:58 a.m. PT

Originally published: February 11, 2021, at 8:11 a.m. PT

Happy Lunar New Year

Dear Y Community, 

Happy Lunar New Year, the year of the Ox.

In Chinese culture, the Ox is a valued animal because of its role in agriculture and its positive characteristics of being hardworking and honest. As we enter the year in the midst of a global pandemic, we draw strength and inspiration from the characteristics of the Ox. 

Here’s a brief message to our community. Please take a moment to watch and share:

新年快乐  (Happy Lunar New Year)

In gratitude and community,

Loria Yeadon
President and CEO, YMCA of Greater Seattle