A Family Guide for Garden Time

Last updated: March 13, 2024, at 2:10 p.m. PT

Originally published: March 10, 2024, at 9:51 a.m. PT

Adult and child watering their garden

In this guide, we’ll journey to create a garden, big or small, right at home. From windowsill wonders to aromatic herb havens, you’ll be able to cultivate joy, learning, and togetherness through the art of gardening.

Step One: Dream Up Your Garden

Start by gathering the family for a garden brainstorming session. Discuss everyone's favorite flowers, herbs, or veggies. Let your imagination run wild—perhaps a rainbow of flowers or a culinary herb corner? Write down ideas on colorful paper, creating a vision board to guide your garden project.

Step Two: Plan Your Space

Evaluate the available space for your garden. Understand your space, whether it's a sunny windowsill, balcony, or backyard. Consider factors like sunlight exposure, water accessibility, and the size of pots or containers you'll need. Engage the kids in measuring and mapping out your garden area.

Step Three: Choose Your Plants

Explore the world of plants together. Discuss the characteristics of various flowers, herbs, or vegetables. Let each family member pick a plant to care for. If space is limited, focus on compact options like cherry tomatoes, basil, or colorful pansies. This step is an excellent opportunity for children to learn about plant life cycles and care.

Step Four: Gather Supplies

Take a family outing to the local garden center or hardware store. Let everyone pick out their favorite gardening tools, seeds, and soil. Involve the kids in selecting colorful pots or containers. This shopping trip becomes an exciting introduction to the hands-on experience of planting.

Step Five: Planting Party

Set a planting date for your garden party. Lay out all the supplies, and let the planting begin. Teach the kids about the importance of soil, how to sow seeds, and the proper way to water. Consider creating plant markers with craft materials, making the garden uniquely yours.

Step Six: Daily Garden Check-ins

Turn garden care into a family routine. Schedule daily check-ins to observe growth, water the plants, and discuss any changes. Share responsibilities, assigning tasks based on age and interest. This consistent attention fosters a sense of responsibility and connection to the garden.

Step Seven: Garden Celebrations

As your garden blossoms, celebrate the achievements together. Organize a garden-themed family dinner using herbs or veggies from your garden. Capture the growth through drawings or photographs, creating a visual diary of your gardening journey.