Actively Promoting a Culture Free from Bias and Injustice

The Y strives to achieve equal access, identify and resolve inequities and remove institutional barriers that limit the ability of all people to develop their full potential. The YMCA of Greater Seattle is committed to ensuring equity and justice.

Contact Us

The Center for Young Adults is located at 2100 24th Avenue South, Suite 250, Seattle, WA 98144 and is open Monday through Thursday 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm. Please call 206 749 7550 for information about housing, education, employment, and alumni of foster care services. 

For mental health, substance use, and foster care services, please call 206 382 5340.

Program Areas

Housing & Transition Planning

We are the largest provider of housing for homeless young adults in King County, offering a variety of programs including rapid rehousing, transitional housing, and permanent housing—especially for those who are exiting foster care and/or who are experiencing  homelessness.

Education & Employment

Our drop-in center connects teens and young adults with access to job readiness support. We’re available five days a week to assist with applications, financial aid, resumes and more.

Foster Care & Family Services

We provide youth and their families with the communication skills needed to strengthen their relationships as well a foster care program, crisis outreach response system and in-home parenting support.

Foster Care & Alumni Services

We’re proud to provide youth aging out of the foster care system with the needed support and resources toward independent living. YMCA staff meet young people where they are and assist them in meeting their needs. 

Counseling & Therapeutic Support

Our goal is to build confident and resilient youth through our programs for foster families, drug & alcohol counseling and outpatient mental health services. Our staff are trained to work with young people and their families who have experienced trauma.

Leadership Development

We give young people the opportunity to develop leadership skills and use their voice as actively engaged community members.

Violence Prevention Photo

Violence Prevention

We recognize violence as a public health issue. Our Alive & Free outreach workers build meaningful relationships with youth involved in gangs, violence and the juvenile justice system to connect them to the support and services to help them reach their goals.

Our Team & Objectives

Our mission is to accelerate young people’s ability to build safe, successful and happy lives. We’ve built a strategic plan to expand our reach by 2020.


Your gift ensures that young people and their families can get the support they need to be safe, successful and happy.



The Accelerator YMCA offers a variety of ways to volunteer. From long-term individual opportunities to one-time group projects, there are many ways to lend a helping hand.

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