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Donate to YMCA Camp Colman and Camp Orkila and strengthen your community

 Why Donate?


At the Y, strengthening community is our cause. When you donate to the Y, you join a powerful association united by a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living, fostering a sense of social responsibility and giving back.


With your support and generosity, we can continue to expand our work to reach more youth.  We are dedicated to building healthy, confident and connected youth through outstanding outdoor experiences. Camp is a community where young people discover their potential.  

Your gift provides direct support for...

· Summer camp financial assistance for youth and teens, including campers from our agency partners such as New Futures,
Treehouse and Hopelink. 

· Leadership Awards to teens nominated from area high schools.

· Funding for the volunteer teen-internship program.

· Critical assistance for schools to attend Outdoor Environmental Education programs.

Your gift is an investment in youth and teens

The Y is for Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility. We believe that all kids deserve the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can achieve. At camp, thousands of youth are cultivating the values, skills and relationships that lead to positive behaviors and achievement — right now and in the future.

When you donate to the Y, you join a powerful association united by a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living, fostering a sense of social responsibility and giving back.


The Leadership Award program is a partnership between camp and local high schools. Teens, who otherwise would have no introduction to camp and the skill-building opportunities it affords, are recommended by their teachers for their leadership potential. They receive scholarship funds from this campaign to attend a leadership session. 

Camp Has Changed My Life, by Veronica Johanson

"As a camper and Counselor-in-Training, I have created many memories at camp, made lifelong friends and learned about who I am as a person.

Camp is where I feel most in touch with who I really am. At home, it is sometimes difficult to express my feelings and act goofy; but at camp, I am assured that being myself is the best person I can possibly be. Camp is where I feel most accepted.

One memory that really sticks with me is the first stop on our kayaking trip. It didn’t seem like much: bees and ants everywhere, and dry grass getting stuck to our socks.  But, we could see Canadian lights on the horizon, the sun setting behind the mountains and a Bald Eagle sitting on the point. It made me feel like that was right where I belonged.

That night, we had an amazing Values Session, and for once, I felt like my life had purpose.

I leave camp a better person because of what I have learned about myself, others and life itself. Camp has given me opportunities I thought I would never have.

If it were not for the scholarship program, I would not have been able to attend camp. I am very thankful for the scholarships I have received, and am now devoting my time to ensuring that other kids get the same opportunity.  I would not trade camp for the world."

$125/month ($1,250) - A Leadership Award for a teen to attend a 2-week leadership program.



excitement!!!.jpgCampers build confidence, independence and character at summer camp.  This summer, we served more than 3,800 youth and teens.  For 1 in 7 of these campers, financial assistance was essential to their participation. 

Nancy, a single parent with sole custody of her two children, shares the impact camp had for her daughter and family.  Financial assistance afforded her a rare opportunity to offer such a rich experience to her daughter, and the positive impact it has had for her family has exceeded her highest expectations. She shares:

“My daughter was having difficulty coping with school and family issues. Camp gave her a chance to relax and find her better self.  The affirming and respectful environment developed in her a greater respect for others.  She’s brought that home and there is a noticeable change in her behavior, confidence, attitude and self-esteem.

I was concerned she might fall back into old habits, but she’s maintaining these changes - well into the school year.  Camp was a real developmental milestone, in a way that she hasn’t had before.  The experience has had a great positive impact on our whole family.”

$280/month ($2,800) - Supports 20 students for an OEE program. 

$91/month ($910) - Supports 1 camper for a week of summer camp.

$13/month ($130) - Funds 1 day of a week-long session of summer camp.


Participants in the Intern program live and volunteer at camp for four weeks. While honing their skills, interns gain a broad exposure to all aspects of camp operations. Lydia shares some of her learning:

“Summer camp may not be ‘educational’ in the traditional sense, but those who attend know how much it has to teach you. This past summer, I learned how to tighten a harness, how to get kids excited to brush their teeth and how to dance. But, most important was beginning to truly understand people.

At Orkila, days are long and you only have each other; your co-workers and campers are also your family and friends. Out of necessity, camp teaches you how to be supportive and how to ask for what you need.

It's an understanding that I know I will use in every relationship, and one that has shaped me into a better member of my community.”

$150/month ($1,500) - Covers the expenses for one volunteer intern’s 4 weeks of service.


Students from more than 60 area schools rely on financial assistance to attend our Outdoor Environmental Education programs.  This crucial support allows 6,900 participants to learn in our unparalleled outdoor classrooms.  Jerry, a lead teacher, expresses his gratitude:

“The impact YMCA funding has provided to our district is enormous; this funding allows us to bring 300 students to experience camp. Not only is education a huge component of our trip, but so are the lifelong friendships that are forged as these students transition to middle school.  Many students years later say, ‘Camp is one of my most cherished moments, and I want to make sure that every 6th grader gets the opportunity to have the same special time.’”

$600/month ($6,000) - Supports 50 students for 3 days of Outdoor Environmental Education.



PWY3.pngYour gift shows your support for outstanding youth development opportunities. You are an essential part of the camp family — thank you!

Online: Orkila's Online Giving 

Call: 206.382.5009

Mail: Pledges or checks may be sent to YMCA Camping Services; 909 Fourth Avenue; Seattle, WA 98104






























































 Camp Facts




“Camp is important to me because you can be yourself and no one will judge you.” – Monique

“My child has benefitted by doing things independently. The YMCA provides a quality experience that encompasses fun, learning, and respect toward one another and self-respect.” – Doreen, Mother

2013 Program Impacts:

· Financial assistance made it possible for 698 youth to experience summer camp and removed the financial barrier for 7 out of10 school groups who attended Colman and Orkila Outdoor Environmental Education Programs.

· More than 22,000 participants strengthened relationships, built confidence and tried new and challenging activities at camp.

· Camp volunteers shared their camp stories throughout the community and raised more than $436,000 for camperships that allowed others to experience camp.

· 124 schools (more than 9,400 youth, teens and adults) built their science knowledge and teamwork through hands-on environmental education programs.

· 299 women enjoyed healthy activities and relaxation at Women’s Wellness Weekends.

· Community volunteers contributed over 46,000 hours of service to camp in 2013.



YMCA Camp Colman began in 1912 when the West Seattle YMCA played a role in developing programs for youth at the Colman family’s camp near Gig Harbor. Colman moved to its present location on the Key Peninsula in 1965. The property was deeded to the Y in 2000.

2013 Program Impacts:

· More than 6,900 people of all ages connected to the outdoors at Camp Colman in 2013.

· 1,381 youth developed new skills and made lasting friendships at summer camp.

· More than 950 participants in the YMCA Adventure Guide Program strengthened family relationships through camp-outs.



Orkila was established as the Y’s permanent camping home on Orcas Island in 1906 on beachfront property owned by the Colman family. Camp offers year-round programming at its 285-acre main camp. Other camp properties include 100-acre Satellite Island and a 10-acre site at Twin Lakes.

2013 Program Impacts:

· Camp Orkila connected more than 15,200 people of all ages to the outdoors in 2013.

· More than 3,330 youth developed new skills and made lasting friendships at summer camp.

· 954 parents and children experienced the outdoors together during Family Camp weekends.

· More than 3,600 dads and kids in the YMCA Adventure Guide Program strengthened family relationships through camp-outs.








Parent & Camper Praise for Camp

"Camp is a critical part of any child's development.  Skills, strengths, self-confidence, leadership all get started and reinforced at camp."  -Mat, camper dad 

"My son came home full of stories about his adventures: the giant swing, drumming, climbing, games. He really appreciated the evening values circle, and enjoyed the campfires. He spoke highly of his counselors, and he looked up to them. My husband and I appreciated the opportunity for our son to spread his wings, try new things, and meet other kids both like and unlike him. Thank you, Camp Colman!" 

"It was empowering for my son. He felt cared for, the rift of "popular" vs. "unpopular" is not tolerated by the entire culture at Camp Orkila- this is what I most love about this camp. Plus it is beautiful and the kids have a blast." 

How does the camp experience benefit your child? 

“Veronica is very outgoing and has many friends at school. I feel it’s important for her to meet new friends and learn new skills away from her 'normal life.'  I notice when she comes home she appreciates me more.  She is excited to share her experiences and seems more grounded.” – Margaret, Mother  

“Camp Orkila is a confidence builder for Conor.  He seems more mature when he returns from camp, and excited about meeting new young people from other places.” –Malayka and Tom, Mom and Dad 

“I feel so fortunate to have been the recipient of two scholarships for my kids.  I have never had such big hugs. Your generosity gave me – a single grandmother – a needed break like I’ve never had.  I love the children very much but it was also nice to relax, knowing they were in good hands.  It took them a couple of days upon returning to realize they missed me too.” –Linda, Grandmother 

“Ellis had the ‘time of her life.’  The power of being with young people, nature, and clear values, allows for growth, change and insight.  I feel this was a wonderful chance for my daughter to discover her power, beauty and value with other like-minded young adults.” –Josie, Mother 

“He had two weeks away from cell phones and electronic devices.  He did Mariners Sailing and he said he had a lot of time to think about his life and what he wanted for his future.  He seemed more certain and mature.” –Kathleen, Mother 

Campers, what your favorite activity or best memory from camp?

“One of my favorite memories of camp was our value session while camping at Obstruction [Pass].  It was 'If you knew me, if you really knew me…etc.'  It was where everyone saw each other for who they are.  Everyone really felt for each other.  It was heart touching.” –Veronica  

“My best memory from camp was going to Twin Lakes because I had never slept on the forest floor before.” –Fesehaye  

“My favorite activity was doing Capture the Flag because there is a lot of running and thinking so it is a challenge and I like challenges.” –Pehrlys  

“My favorite activity is GaGa Ball, a very active game where eliminated players get a chance to cheer their friends on.  This makes the game more and more intense as it progresses until it culminates in one camper winning and feeling great about him or herself for the rest of the week.” –Jasper 

Why is camp important to you? 

“Because it’s a place where I can relax and be more myself without every day pressures.  It’s a place where I can go and have fun.” –Conor  

“Even though it was my first year at camp, Orkila will always have a special place in my heart, right next to the warm-fuzzy memories and sandwiched in between compassion and unconditional love.” –Ellis  

“I can have a break from hi-tech.” –Eric 

What is something you learned at camp? 

“I learned that it’s okay to be shy but not let it get in the way.” –Jeremiah  

“How to make friends, how to make knots, how to recycle.” –Zoe 

“I learned to cooperate better with other people.” –Gilbert






Partner Organizations 

Since 1971, Hopelink has served homeless and low-income families, children, seniors and people with disabilities.  Hopelink’s mission is to promote self-sufficiency for all members. 

Pathways for Women
This program provides transitional housing and help for families of domestic violence.

Treehouse works to provide enrichment opportunities for children with an open DCFS case file in King County.  Treehouse provides developmental and educational opportunities to children and teens.

YWCA Family Village
The YWCA Family Village provides critical services in E. King County and Tacoma: transitional & long-term housing, childcare and employment services. 

Military Families
Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard campers from local bases attend both camps. 

Housing Hope
Housing Hope is a non-profit serving low-income and homeless families in King County.

Key Peninsula
These campers are from low-income families in the Peninsula School District, the neighborhood surrounding YMCA Camp Colman. 

Children’s Hospital
In collaboration with Children’s Hospital campers with kidney disease were able to attend camp.

First Place School
A model school and resource center for families in transition due to crises that impact family stability.  First Place provides education, counseling and basic services.  YMCA Camp Orkila Alumni put on a Christmas program each year for the school.

YMCA Family Services
These children come from the YMCA Family Services Branch and many live in foster homes.

New Futures
A non-profit serving families in low income housing in S. King County. NewFutures works with residents to build skills, provide new opportunities and foster community.

Invest In Youth
Invest in Youth enhances the academic abilities, self-confidence and life prospects of struggling learners in the Seattle Public Schools and provides volunteer tutors the opportunity to experience the rewards of enriching young lives.

Turning Point
Turning Point is a non-profit serving low-income and homeless families in King County.

Area Schools
2 out of 3 school groups with our Outdoor Environmental Education program receive assistance. This totals more than 65 schools. 




Did you know that you can double your gift to support the YMCA of Greater Seattle? If you work at one of the below companies you may be able to double or even triple your gift! Some companies will even match gifts from retired employees or their spouses.

To learn more about matching gifts or to acquire the appropriate forms, please contact your personnel or human resources department. These businesses have varying matching gifts programs. This is not a complete list, ask your company’s Human Resources department to find out if a matching gift program exists and for the necessary forms.



AT & T
BGI Group
Clothier & Head
General Electric Company
Abobe Systems
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Coca Cola
General Reinsurance
Boeing Employees Credit Union
Codesic Consulting
Georgia-Pacific Corporation
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Commonwealth Insurance
Alaska Airlines
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Conner Homes Company
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Brown & Brown
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Bullitt Foundation, The
Gordon Derr
American Express Co.
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CIGNA Corporation
AON Foundation
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Green Point Foundation
Apex Foundation
Dorsey & Whitney Foundation
Harris Bank, The
Apple Computer, Inc.
Dunn and Bradstreet
Hewlett Packard
Capital Access
Home Depot
Capital Alliance
Evergreen Pharmaceutical
Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
Carney Badley Spellman
Evergreen Washelli
Household International
Houston General Insurance
Catalysis Corporation
Exxon Corporation
Hyperion Solutions
AXA Foundation
Charles Schwab
Farmers New World Life
Banana Republic
Chicago Title Insurance Co.
Federated Group
IDS Financial Services
Bank of America
Choice Hotels
Ferguson Property Management
Bankers Trust Corp.
Christensen O’Connor Johnson
First Horizon National
Barker Martin
Chubb & Sons
FM Global
Baxter Corporation
Frank Russell Company
Inslee, Best, Doezie  & Ryer PS
Bemis Co.
Frontier Geosciences
Intel Corporation
City of Seattle
The Gap
Interactive Corp (ICA)
JBT Corporation
Redwoods Group
JP Morgan Chase
Momentum Distribution
Regence Blue Shield
John Hancock
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Riddell Williams
Tetra Tech EM Inc.
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Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Kennedy Assoc. Real Estate
Tiffany and Company
Key Bank
Sallie Mae Fund
Kibble & Prentice Holding Co.
SaltChuk Resources, Inc.
Union Bank of California
North Coast Mortgage
San Aventis
United Airlines
Northwest Federal
San Mar Corporation
United Parcel Service
Kraft Foods
Novar Controls
Universal Music Group
Lahive and Cockfield LLP
Sara Lee
Urbantrans Consultants
Lake Partners
Pacific Development
Schaefer Engineering Corp.
US Bank
Pepsi Co.
Seattle Northwest Securities
USA Interactive
Lease Crutcher Lewis
Perkins Coie
Serials Solution
Lehman Brothers
Pfizer Foundation
Lexis Nexis
Phillip Morris Companies
Six Flags
Liberty Mutual
Piper Jaffray
Sonus Pharmaceuticals
Lilyblad Petroleum
Pistol Creek Financial Co.
Sound Ventures Inc.
Washington Dental Service
Lucent Technologies
Washington State Physicians
Progressive Insurance Foundation
Stafford Frey Cooper
Wasser Inc.
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Sun Microsystems
Zevenbergen Capital Inc.
RBC Dain Rauscher
Super Valu
Merrill Lynch
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Sussman Family Foundation
Real Networks

Microsoft Corporation

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