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Interagency Academy at the Y

Interagency Academy at the Y is an alternative learning environment for students who have struggled to succeed in traditional secondary schools.

Enrolled students receive individualized educational support, case management, and assistance in accessing post-secondary education when finished.


At least 5th grade reading, writing, & math skills

Be “ready” to fully commit to continuing your secondary education

Wish to pursue post-secondary education or training with a living-wage career in mind



If you have questions regarding Interagency Academy at the Y, please contact Chris Frye, the school director, at 206.223.1626 or

"Thanks to the partnership between the Metrocenter YMCA and the Seattle School District's Interagency Academy, we have an opportunity to help students learn and to empower themselves so they know: 'They can because they think they can (Virgil).'"

-Chris Frye and Jennifer Moore, Interagency Academy at the Y Coordinator and AmeriCorps









 Alive & Free


Alive & Free

Metrocenter YMCA's Alive & Free program has supported youth in their recovery from violence for over 10 years. Alive & Free helped found the Street Soldiers National Consortium, a national movement that identifies violence as a public health issue and promotes the Alive & Free PrescriptionÔ to treat the disease of violence. The Alive & Free PrescriptionÔ was developed and refined by Dr. Joseph Marshall, co-founder and Executive Director of Omega Boys Club/Street Soldiers in San Francisco.

Our committed staff and partners work directly with youth who are involved or at high risk of becoming involved, in street or gang violence and connect them with positive support systems and relevant services that help the reach their goals. Youth in the program develop the skills to eliminate violence from their lives and learn to be leaders in building strong communities that are resistant to the disease of violence.

The program also provides trainings to empower other community service providers to see their role treating the disease of violence.

 Alive and Free Brochure.pdf


Seahawks and Alive & Free Team Up to Make "A Better Seattle"

Violence in our communities can be eliminated - if we work together. We are proud of our partnership with the Seahawks to strategically eradicate gang and youth violence through a community campaign called "A Better Seattle". 

The Y is committed to strengthening community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Since 1999, Alive & Free (formerly known as Street Soldiers) has helped youth to prevent and recover from violence, to pursue their potential through healthy choices and contribute to the well-being of our community. Read more about how A Better Seattle will help our young people replace high-risk behavior with positive life skills.



For more information, contact Jovi Catena at

"Ten years ago I was a student in Teach Change (now Alive & Free), now I’m doing the teaching and giving the gift of ALIVE & FREE to young people. It had such a positive effect on my outlook of life and the path I was on, that I stayed around for 8 more years volunteering and helping with the program while working on my personal growth and development. I lived in YMCA housing while I was doing this. Everything has come back full circle and I want to keep giving the gift back."

                                                  -J'Quai Holiday, former Alive & Free Outreach Worker





















Offering a full array of digital literacy workshops, YTech provides technology training to all youth and young adults. Participants can learn the basics of MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint; take apart and rebuild computers; shoot and edit digital photos and videos; learn creative software applications, like Adobe Photoshop, Premier, Illustrator, and InDesign; participate in an exciting online civic engagement project using; and become technology ambassadors who build leadership and technology skills while engaging in service learning. 


Increase access to technology and teach vital technology skills. 100+ young people ages 14-21 served annually. 


For more information, contact Colleen McDevitt at

"I got involved with the Y as a freshman at Cleveland High School through the Digital Connectors program. It opened my mind to all the possibilities....Not only did I gain media skills, I also learned more about community and social justice issues and how my voice can impact them.

As an intern this year with Puget SoundOff, I've had the opportunity to train students in these areas. I want to do whatever I can to help other young people connect the dots in their lives and become hopeful about their future."

                        -Shaquille, YTech Participant


"This program is great because it helps educate us students on technology and we get to help the community too. We meet new people, attend cool experiences like Digital Inclusion Day and enter video contests."

                       -Digital Connectors Participant




 Career Prep


Academic and Employment Services 

Career Academy Services bridges the gap faced by low-income youth ages 14-21 trying to enter the work force and attain their secondary credentials.

Each year, with the support of Youth Development Specialists, 240 young people gain skills and confidence needed to map career, post-secondary and employment goals. Moving beyond getting their “first job and graduating”, young people are able to find their passions and develop the skills to reach their dreams. 



Attain secondary degree, enroll in post-secondary/vocational program & livable wage employment. 


For more information, contact Mala Kessay at  

"Working with young people is a call, it's a lifestyle. The impact we are able to make by being consistent, present and positive reflections of our world is amazing. Even more amazing it all begins with a smile, a hello and an invitation to become."

                                 -Sean Goode,  Alive & Free Outreach Team