Learning, Enrichment, and Play

The Y remains steadfast in our commitment to providing families with school-based solutions that ensure kids have enrichment opportunities, a safe and supportive place to connect with other kids, and access to their virtual learning classrooms.

Affordable for All

The Y is committed to ensuring all families have access to quality and enriching youth programs. We accept Working Connections Child Care (WCCC) subsidy at many locations. In addition, the Y provides financial assistance and a sliding fee schedule. Please complete this form to learn more about scholarships or financial assistance.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to fill out any additional paperwork for Y LEAP Academy
    Yes, we have partnered with PLAYERSPACE as your communication and paperwork management system. You will receive an email from PLAYERSPACE giving you access to your Parent Center where you can complete required forms and waivers, including immunization records, update emergency contact and health history information, and upload photos for child(ren) and parent/guardians. You must complete this paperwork before your child(ren) can attend Y LEAP Academy. We estimate this work will take about 30 minutes. 

    If you have forgotten your login information, please go the main YMCA of Greater Seattle PLAYERSPACE login page and click forgot password. 

    Separately, we also ask that you identify those adults who are authorized to pickup your child(ren) in your ACTIVE account.  Follow these instructions.
  2. What does the mask requirement mean for Y LEAP Academy?
    The Governor's Office has issued a mandate for all youth 5 and older to wear face coverings.  The Department of Health has clarified that for our school-based programs, this mandate only applies when students are indoors or are not able to maintain six feet of physical distancing. We will provide buffs and bandanas to students that will stay onsite. Students are welcome, and encouraged, to bring their own masks that express their personality and fit them comfortably. Please be sure to label them with their name. 
  3. I am not seeing my child's age available for this program, what do I do? 
    The ages for Y Leap Academy are 5-13 and grades are Kindergarten through 6th, depending on school district elementary grades. If your child’s age falls into these guidelines and you are unable to register online please email us with your child’s name and date of birth. We will reach out to begin the registration process.
  4. Will Y Leap Academy operations be affected by the Stay Home, Stay Healthy Order or phases of re-opening?
    The Safe Start plan for reopening Washington State does not address child care or school-based programs. Child care has remained open and may continue to operate. 

    The Washington Department of Health states that families who are able to safely keep their children and youth home should continue to do so, but understands that this is not always possible. This becomes more relevant especially as communities move through phases and more sectors come on line.
  5. What is your cancellation or change policy?

  6. Who can I contact with registration questions?
    Please email us at registration@seattleymca.org or call us at 206-382-4927. Our registration team is available between the hours of 7:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. 
  7. Will this program fill quickly?
    We do have limited capacity and locations, so we ask that you register promptly to secure a spot if you need care and services.  If your chosen location is full, we encourage you to join the wait list and look at nearby locations within your school district. You can be on a wait list and registered for an alternative location.
  8. What is the cost of Y LEAP Academy?
    The Y is committed to ensuring all families have access to quality and enriching programs. We accept Working Connections Child Care (WCCC) subsidy at many locations. In addition, the Y provides financial assistance and a sliding fee schedule. Please complete this form learn more about scholarships or financial assistance. Our staff we be in contact with you within three business days once the form is received.
  9. Do I qualify for Facility Member pricing if my membership is on hold while facilities are closed or not up to full operations?
    You must be an active member to qualify for Facility Member pricing. If you would like to remove your hold status, please contact us.  
  10. What should I send in my child’s lunch?
    Each day, parents will need to provide a nutritious lunch for their child(ren). Lunches provided by parents should strive to meet the USDA guidelines and contain a dairy product, a protein food, and two or more servings of fruit or vegetables. Please do not send candy, gum or soda with your child. Remember these are active days and kids may eat more than usual! It is not possible for us to provide refrigeration or a microwave for lunches, so please do not send foods that may spoil (such as mayonnaise) or require reheating.

    To help the Y create a safe environment for children with life-threatening nut allergies, you may be asked to refrain from sending your child with food containing peanut butter or other nuts and/or other foods manufactured in a plant that processes nuts. If you have any questions, please speak with the Program Director. 
  11. How are  circles made? Who will my child be grouped with?
    Children are typically grouped by the grade they are entering in the next school year. Staff will work to maintain the same circles from week to week as well as accommodate special requests if possible.
  12. What should I send with my child each day?


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