Whiteman Cove Needs You!

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently submitted a proposal to the Governor and Washington State legislature for design and permitting for a project to improve fish passage in Whiteman Cove. Their proposal includes breaching the berm that forms one of the boundaries of Whiteman cove, leaving the cove nearly empty for 85% of each day, making educational and recreational use impossible for the thousands of campers and community members who visit Camp Colman.  

We are requesting that the Legislature remove funding for this project from the 2021-22 Capital Budget (HB 1080, SB 5083) for two key reasons:

  1. To complete an adequate feasibility study that includes viable solutions that support both enhanced fish passage as well as the preservation of the critical environmental education, water safety, and recreational programs of Camp Colman.
  2. Whiteman Cove is not a culvert and not part of the federal injunction that DNR is required to comply with.


Helping Salmon and Campers to Thrive

We need help to save salmon and camp! Hear from one expert that has proposed an option we believe is a viable alternative to the DNR proposal.


Before and After Breaching the Berm

The berm is the raised strip of land that separates and protects the cove from the rough tidal waters of Case Inlet, part of Puget Sound. It also serves as the public entrance to camp which would become inaccessible if the berm is breached, as proposed.


Whiteman Cove: Breaching the Berm

See an artist rendition of the resulting mudflat that Whiteman Cove will become for 85% of the day if the DNR proposal is enacted. The devastating effects that the breach would have on the lagoon and surrounding community is undeniable.


Save Salmon, Save Camp

Contact your local state legislator and ask them to remove the Whiteman Cove project from this year's budget.

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Save Salmon, Save Camp

Whiteman Cove at Camp Colman is in danger of being destroyed by a Department of Natural Resources proposal. We need your help to save “the lagoon” for salmon, campers, and the community alike.