Welcome to Week Three!

Nourishing Your Body & Mind

This week is all about nourishing your body and nurturing a healthy relationship with food. This is not about a restrictive approach to eating, promising quick fixes. This is about developing a balanced approach to eating that is supportive of health and wellness AND sustainable for a lifetime.

WEEK THREE: Foods that Nourish the Body

Join Katrina and Sonya as they share tips and resources on how to build a healthy plate and create a balanced approach to food.


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Week Three Worksheets

The resources for week three are designed to help you understand how different foods influence our goals and how to build a healthy plate with a focus on balanced eating. At the end of this week, you will be better informed about what types of food to choose and how much your body needs of each to benefit both your physical health and mental well-being.

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What's included this week?

Check the Label Infosheet: Use this handy tool on your grocery store trips to check and understand nutrition facts for the foods you buy.

Dietary Fiber Infosheet: Fiber is the indigestible part of plant foods that our bodies need for optimal digestion. The two main types of fiber are soluble and insoluble. Learn why both are important to our health for different reasons.

Eating Whole Foods Infosheet: Whole foods are foods as they are found in nature, free of artificial flavors, colors, and added chemicals. This fact sheet provides information why eating variety of whole foods is important to your diet.

Importance of Protein Infosheet: What is protein, how much do I need, and why is it so critical to weight management and my overall health? This infosheet has the answers plus a comprehensive list of protein sources found in food.

My Healthy Plate Worksheet: This worksheet provides a visual guide to planning a balanced meal (vegetarian option included).


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More from Around the Web

In addition to the Y resources listed above, be sure to check out these other valuable health and wellness tools.

MyPlate Tools: There is so much confusion about how and what to eat to support health and wellness. Use this simple tool to build your healthy plate at mealtime!

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Peer Support & Idea Sharing

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Join our private Facebook group to connect with other members of the program. Here you can share ideas, recipes, favorite Virtual Y classes, and get support and accountability from people on the same journey to wellness!

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Looking Ahead at Week Four

Understanding Physical Activity

Next week, we will dive deeper into physical activity and explore how to continue to get stronger, build endurance, and keep making progress towards our fitness goals.  



Personalized Wellness Plan

Wellness is personal and the path to it is different for everyone. At the Y, we offer a complimentary Personalized Wellness Plan to members each year to help you establish your path and stick to it!

Programs for Health

As a community-facing organization, the Y’s mission has long focused on helping people to live their healthiest lives and reach their full potential in mind, body, and spirit. We acknowledge that individual “health” is influenced by a range of environmental, social, and biological factors, many of which cannot be adequately addressed in the clinic.

Personal Training

Whether it's in private, with a partner, or in a small group, the Y's expert personal trainers are on your team to help you reach your health and fitness goals!