Welcome to Week Six!

Motivation & Positive Self-Talk

This week is all about sustaining (or re-connecting to!) what motivates us to make healthy lifestyle choices. By identifying why healthy habits are important to us, we can stay the course! Remember, building habits takes time and consistency and sometimes we need to be reminded of what matters most. We also will discuss the importance of positive self-talk. We are often our own worst critics and we cannot expect positive outcomes from negative thinking. Practice being kind and encouraging to yourself along the way!

WEEK SIX: Getting Motivated!

Join Katrina and Sonya as they share tips on how to sustain your motivation and build a positive mindset. 


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Week Six Worksheets

The lessons this week will allow us to re-visit our focus area assessment to connect to what is important. consider revisiting the assessment you did the first week. Have your priorities remained the same? Have they shifted? Be sure to explore ways you can talk back to negative thoughts and build a positive mindset.

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What's included this week?

Focus Area Assessment: Re-assess where you are, what you care about and how best to prioritize your goals to have the greatest impact.

Talk Back to Negative Self-Talk: Identify what negative thoughts come up for you and how you can reframe them in an effort to cultivate a positive mindset. 


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More from Around the Web

In addition to the Y resources listed above, be sure to check out these other valuable health and wellness tools.

MyPlate Tools: There is so much confusion about how and what to eat to support health and wellness. Use this simple tool to build your healthy plate at mealtime!

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Peer Support & Idea Sharing

Private Facebook Support Group

Join our private Facebook group to connect with other members of the program. Here you can share ideas, recipes, favorite Virtual Y classes, and get support and accountability from people on the same journey to wellness!

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Looking Ahead at Week Seven


Next week, we will explore the importance of mindfulness. A mindful relationship with food can help set us up for success. We will also identify sources of stress in our lives and how we can mindfully incorporate self-care practices to manage it.



Personalized Wellness Plan

Wellness is personal and the path to it is different for everyone. At the Y, we offer a complimentary Personalized Wellness Plan to members each year to help you establish your path and stick to it!

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As a community-facing organization, the Y’s mission has long focused on helping people to live their healthiest lives and reach their full potential in mind, body, and spirit. We acknowledge that individual “health” is influenced by a range of environmental, social, and biological factors, many of which cannot be adequately addressed in the clinic.

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Whether it's in private, with a partner, or in a small group, the Y's expert personal trainers are on your team to help you reach your health and fitness goals!