Welcome to Week Seven!

The Importance of Mindfulness 

Mindfulness can take many forms. This week, we will discuss how developing a mindful relationship with food and our internal hunger cues can help us achieve our goals. We often look externally to decide when we eat, what foods we choose and when we are satisfied. Is my plate empty? Are there cookies on the counter? By practicing a mindful approach to eating, we can become more intentional with our choices. We will also explore the importance of not allowing ourselves to get so hungry that we are unable to make mindful choices and ways to slow down to prevent eating more than we need or want. 

WEEK SEVEN: Mindfulness

Join Sonya and Katrina to learn more about how we can develop a more mindful relationship with food and hunger. 


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Week Seven Worksheets

This week's resources are designed to help you develop a mindful relationship with food and hunger. 

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What's included this week?

Practice Mindful Eating: Mindfulness matters! Consider these strategies for making mindful eating choices. 

7 Forms of Hunger: We eat for a variety of reasons. Use this resource to help you identify what kinds of hunger you experience and put a plan in place to make it mindful. 

The Hunger Gauge: What does it feel like to be too hungry? Too full? How do we know when we've had enough or not enough to eat? Use this tool to practice looking internally to determine how hungry we are and when we are done eating. 


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More from Around the Web

In addition to the Y resources listed above, be sure to check out these other valuable health and wellness tools.

MyPlate Tools: There is so much confusion about how and what to eat to support health and wellness. Use this simple tool to build your healthy plate at mealtime!

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Looking Ahead at Week Eight

Continuing With Success

Week eight is all about celebrating your success! Identify what you are proud of, reflect on the habits you have developed, what things you are still working on, and what your action plan is going forward to continue your success.



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Wellness is personal and the path to it is different for everyone. At the Y, we offer a complimentary Personalized Wellness Plan to members each year to help you establish your path and stick to it!

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As a community-facing organization, the Y’s mission has long focused on helping people to live their healthiest lives and reach their full potential in mind, body, and spirit. We acknowledge that individual “health” is influenced by a range of environmental, social, and biological factors, many of which cannot be adequately addressed in the clinic.

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