Meet the 8 Weeks to Wellness Team

You won't be surprised to know that our 8 Weeks to Wellness with the Y team is comprised of exercise enthusiasts and healthy living heroes with extensive experience in nutrition and fitness best practices. Our team has the tools and knowledge to help you achieve balance and well-being in your day to day routines without the stress of a quick fix diet or exhausting exercise routine. It's all about keeping it simple and taking care of yourself to reach your long-term health and wellness goals.



Personalized Wellness Plan

Wellness is personal and the path to it is different for everyone. At the Y, we offer a complimentary Personalized Wellness Plan to members each year to help you establish your path and stick to it!

Programs for Health

As a community-facing organization, the Y’s mission has long focused on helping people to live their healthiest lives and reach their full potential in mind, body, and spirit. We acknowledge that individual “health” is influenced by a range of environmental, social, and biological factors, many of which cannot be adequately addressed in the clinic.

Personal Training

Whether it's in private, with a partner, or in a small group, the Y's expert personal trainers are on your team to help you reach your health and fitness goals!