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Status: Y Bucks will be available for pickup beginning Monday, 8/17 - Learn more >

Sustaining Member Y Bucks are subject to Terms and Conditions.


We've organized questions into the following sections:

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  • Using Y Bucks
  • General Questions


When can I pick up my Y Bucks?

You can pick up your Y Bucks any time between Monday, August 17 and Sunday, November 22.


How do I pick up my Y Bucks?

Any adult on your account can pick up Y Bucks. Pick up is in-person at the membership desk once we reopen to members. You can pick up Y Bucks at any open YMCA of Greater Seattle locations. See a list of our locations.

Before visiting a branch, make sure to bring photo identification and your membership card. As we gradually welcome back members into our facilities, you may also experience lines. We appreciate your patience as we welcome you back to the Y.

Sustaining Member Y Bucks are single-use coupons available in $50 and $100 denominations, and in some instances $25. At the membership desk, staff will first check your identification, and then they will physically hand you Y Bucks.


Why do I have to pick up and use Y Bucks in-person?

There is no code associated with Y Bucks coupons for online or over-the-phone purchase. Y Bucks must be scanned by membership staff at time of pick-up in order to be valid for use.

Please know that your safety in our facilities is our highest priority. Staff will wear personal protective equipment, including face coverings, at all times while handling Y Bucks. Learn more about our safety protocols


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Using Y Bucks

What can I use Y Bucks on?

Use your Y Bucks on upcoming membership dues, camp, and any other program or activity at the Y. We wanted to match your generous support with a generous offer.

Y Bucks can be redeemed for up to 5 months of membership dues (equal to the amount of months we were closed). You cannot use Y Bucks on past transactions. You cannot use Y Bucks on past transactions.

Please note, Sustaining Member Y Bucks are single-use coupons. Unused Y Bucks will not be given back as change in the form of cash, credit, or Y Bucks.


Can I use Y Bucks on camp?

Once you pick up your Y Bucks in-person, you'll be able to use them on upcoming camp payments. Y Bucks cannot be used on payments made before you visit us in-person to redeem your Y Bucks.


Do Y Bucks expire?

Y Bucks will expire on Sunday, November 22. You can use Y Bucks towards future programs and activities as long as your purchase occurs before the Y Bucks expiration date.


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General Questions

What are Sustaining Member Y Bucks?

Due to a statewide mandate related to the spread of COVID-19, all YMCA of Greater Seattle branches are temporarily closed. Sustaining Member Y Bucks are being offered as a thank you to YMCA of Greater Seattle members who continue paying membership dues during the temporary closure. They are available for a limited time and expire 90 days after we reopen to members.

Sustaining Member Y Bucks are single-use coupons available in $50 and $100 denominations, and in some instances $25.


How many Y Bucks did I earn during the temporary closure?

Members earned Y Bucks every month they paid membership dues from March - June 2020 (4 months total).

Your total Y Bucks amount depends on your membership type, how many months of membership dues you paid, and if your membership is on hold or canceled.

Members who continued to pay dues during our temporary closure earned the following amounts:

  • $100 in Y Bucks per individual or couple membership per month
  • $150 in Y Bucks per family membership per month

That means individual or couple memberships earned up to $400 total in Y Bucks coupons, and families earned up to $600 total.

Membership Paid Through an Employer or Third Party

If your membership is through an employer, insurance provider, or another organization, you may have earned a different amount of Y Bucks. If you’re not sure how many Y Bucks you earned, you can reach out to for help.

Memberships on Hold or Canceled

Members did not earn Y Bucks during the months their membership was on hold. However, if your membership was on hold, you did earn Y Bucks for the previous month you paid dues.

If you canceled your membership, you are no longer eligible for this Y Bucks offer, including previous months of Y Bucks earned.


Why did members earn Y Bucks just during March - June?

Starting June 25, we began offering member-only programming in-branch. Start a reservation today or learn more about our welcome back plan.


I have a scholarship for my membership dues. Can I still get Y Bucks?

Your scholarship doesn’t impact how many Y Bucks you earned. As a thank you for paying dues during our temporary closure, we are happy to honor our offer of Y Bucks to members on Affordable for All pricing.


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