Sustaining Member Y Bucks

To all the members who stayed with us by paying their dues: thank you for your financial support and commitment to our cause. We have updated our frequently asked questions to reflect new restrictions on indoor fitness facilities released by Governor Inslee on Sunday, November 15. Learn more about those updates here.

Major changes to Y Bucks as of November 16, 2020:

  1. We have extended the expiration date of Sustaining Member Y Bucks until Thursday, December 31, 2020.

  2. Y Bucks that were used for programs that have been canceled due to new restrictions on indoor activities will be reactivated for members to use on future programs.

  3. Starting Monday, November 23, 2020, Y Bucks will be available for pick up over the phone or email.

Read on for detailed answers to common questions.


When can I pick up my Y Bucks?

Due to the Governor’s new regulations we have suspended in-person Y Buck pickup. Starting Monday, November 23, 2020, Y Bucks will be available for pick up over the phone or email support. To use your Y Bucks, please contact us or call your local branch.

How do I pick up my Y Bucks?

Any adult on your account can pick up Y Bucks. Pick up is available over the phone or via email request.

Please be prepared to verify account information. Staff will first verify account information and then they will confirm your Y Buck totals, save the coupons in your records, and send you an email confirmation with your unique bar codes. Y Bucks are single-use coupons and must be redeemed over the phone or via email for participating programs.

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Using Y Bucks

How do I make a purchase with my Y Bucks?

You can make a purchase with your Y Bucks via email or over the phone beginning Monday, November 23. Make sure to have your Y Bucks with you if you have the physical coupons. We'll ask you to provide the bar codes on the back of the coupon over the phone or in your emailed confirmation.

Please note, unused Y Bucks will not be given back as change in the form of cash, credit, or additional Y Bucks.

If I used my Y Bucks for something that was impacted by new restrictions, will I get them back?

Y Bucks that were used for programs that have been canceled due to new restrictions on indoor activities will be reactivated for members to use on future programs. Coupon bar codes will be available for use again after Monday, November 23rd. Please call or email to use these coupons.

What can I use Y Bucks on?

You can use your Y Bucks on upcoming membership dues, camp, and any other program or activity at the Y.


Popular purchase ideas:

Membership Dues

Redeem Y Bucks for up to 5 months of upcoming membership dues.

Private Swim Lessons

Join us in the pool to refine your stroke, practice your breathing rhythm, or elevate your turns!

Personal Training

Y Personal Trainers are now available for online training.

Martial Arts

Learn physical and mental discipline, develop concentration, and more with martial arts.

Plus, see these ideas for kids and families:

Early Learning Centers

Our infant, toddler, preschool, and pre-Kindergarten care programs are enriching, positive places that nurture children to explore, discover, and learn. Programs offered in Auburn, Bothell, North Seattle, Snoqualmie, and West Seattle.

Y LEAP Academy

A full-day, in-person program that ensures kids have a safe, supportive place to connect, access to their distance learning classrooms, and enrichment opportunities.

After School in a Box

Make the most of after-school time with virtual enrichment activities that encourage skill-building and creative exploration in a supportive environment.

Camp in a Box

Let's explore the great nearby! Camp in a Box brings the magic of camp to your home during school break days.

Youth & Government

Teens will become familiar with the legislative process, the art of debate, and public speaking, all online from home!

Do Y Bucks expire?

Y Bucks will now expire on Thursday, December 31, 2020. You can use Y Bucks towards future programs and activities as long as your purchase occurs before the Y Bucks expiration date.


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General Questions

What are Sustaining Member Y Bucks?

Due to a statewide mandate related to the spread of COVID-19, all YMCA of Greater Seattle branches are temporarily closed. Sustaining Member Y Bucks are being offered as a thank you to YMCA of Greater Seattle members who continue paying membership dues during the temporary closure. They are available for a limited time and expire 90 days after we reopen to members.

Sustaining Member Y Bucks are single-use coupons available in $50 and $100 denominations, and in some instances $25.


How many Y Bucks did I earn during the temporary closure?

Members earned Y Bucks every month they paid membership dues from March - June 2020 (4 months total).

Your total Y Bucks amount depends on your membership type, how many months of membership dues you paid, and if your membership is on hold or canceled.

Members who continued to pay dues during our temporary closure earned the following amounts:

  • $100 in Y Bucks per individual or couple membership per month
  • $150 in Y Bucks per family membership per month

That means individual or couple memberships earned up to $400 total in Y Bucks coupons, and families earned up to $600 total.

Membership Paid Through an Employer or Third Party

If your membership is through an employer, insurance provider, or another organization, you may have earned a different amount of Y Bucks. If you’re not sure how many Y Bucks you earned, you can contact us for help.

Memberships on Hold or Canceled

Members did not earn Y Bucks during the months their membership was on hold. However, if your membership was on hold, you did earn Y Bucks for the previous month you paid dues.

If you canceled your membership, you are no longer eligible for this Y Bucks offer, including previous months of Y Bucks earned.


Why did members earn Y Bucks just during March - June?

Starting June 25, we began offering member-only programming in-branch. Start a reservation today or learn more about our welcome back plan.


I have a scholarship for my membership dues. Can I still get Y Bucks?

Your scholarship doesn’t impact how many Y Bucks you earned. As a thank you for paying dues during our temporary closure, we are happy to honor our offer of Y Bucks to members on Affordable for All pricing.


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Community Response

Join the Y’s community response to provide child care for first responders, food support for kids, shelter for at-risk youth, and outreach to seniors.

Healthy Living Room

Regular exercise is one component of a healthy lifestyle. It can also help reduce stress and prevent illness. From barre to yoga, we've got you covered for at-home workouts.

Family Room

Bring the Y's education and enrichment activities home! Try intentional moments to calm the soul, STEAM projects to keep minds moving and learning, and family games to share laughs and smiles.