101 & Express Group Cycling

Ready to go for a little ride? Don't worry, we'll start out slow and ease into the fun. For those who've never participated in a cycling class, hills and flat terrain are simulated by using various resistance levels on a stationary bike. You control the bike tension to make this workout as challenging or as easy as you like while your instructor guides you on your tour.

101 & Express Mat Pilates

Based on Joseph Pilates' mat technique, this beginner class is designed to increase core strength and flexibility plus align the mind and body. You'll be guided through a series of movements that are coordinated with breathing and performed from a sitting, reclining or standing position. Your class may include equipment such as stability balls, resistance bands and weights. 

101 & Express Step

Take your initial step in stride with low-impact movements performed on and off an adjustable step. Slowly increase in speed and number of steps as you groove to the choreography developed by your instructor.

101 Tai Chi

Introduce yourself to martial arts through this beginner class that uses slow movements to promote health, circulation and relaxation. You'll concentrate on breathing, core muscle strength, and the harmony of your mind, body and spirit. This class is suitable for all levels.

101 Qigong

Experience meditation with gentle movements to cultivate the body's vital energy and stimulate self-healing, spiritual growth and prevent illness.

101 & Express Yoga

Enjoy an introduction to this ancient practice that uses a combination of relaxation, breathing techniques and exercise to combat stress, help circulation and movement of the joints. It can be practiced by anyone to achieve greater health.

Lose to Win

Learn sustainable ways to eat healthier, move more and lose weight. There are no gimmicks or restrictive approaches just the tools you need to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle to achieve your weight loss goals.

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Learn to relieve stress and cultivate mindful awareness. Gain balance and perspective by quieting the busy mind. All are welcome.

Low Impact

Learn simple floor movements that will help you improve your cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility. These routines are great for any age.

Pilates Reformer

This workout is so unique that it cannot be simulated by any other piece of equipment in the gym. Training on the Reformer can completely change the shape of your body because you will be working every muscle group while maintaining core control. Gain strength without adding bulk and end up more flexible with beautiful posture. A small class setting of 5 students to 1 instructor ensures personal attention.

Total Conditioning

Learn to incorporate elements of step, sports agility training, strength, core and mind-body awareness using a variety of equipment. This class is formatted with easy-to-follow progressions.

Walking Group

Enjoy a fun, social way to stay fit and get a great cardiovascular workout. Appropriate for all levels of walking fitness, this class will teach proper walk posture, technique and basic fitness know-how. Walks take place outside, so be sure to dress for our beloved Northwest weather!

Shallow Water Aerobics

Want to get your feet wet? Join us for walking, running, jumping and a variety of aerobic movements that you'll perform in the shallow end of the pool. Increase your heart rate and get a cardiovascular and strength training workout with very little impact. Great for all ages and abilities!

Functional Strength

Try this full body workout, focused on body alignment, awareness and integrated strength to help you perform day-to-day activities with ease. The disciplines of yoga, Pilates and traditional strength and core may be incorporated into this class, which uses a variety of resistance tools to help you become a stronger, more functional you.