Youth & Government Announcements

WA YMCA Youth & Government hosts first virtual YAG Week

Washington YMCA Youth & Government is excited to announce the first virtual YAG Week.

YMCA Youth & Government offered activities throughout the week to encourage and support civic education and community among our state-wide delegations. The major officers, youth leadership group, staff and volunteers created an intriguing, informative, and fun alternative for Youth Leg to keep youth from across the state engaged in civic education. YAG Week was offered at no additional cost to youth participants in the hopes that no barriers would keep them from participating in guest speaker sessions, panel discussions, social activities, and an opportunity to present their bill in a committee debate. 

Watch Recordings of YAG Week

During these challenging and unprecedented times, YMCA Youth & Government is committed to offering civics education and experiences this coming school year and season. We will keep you informed as we create and design a virtual option for both Youth Leg and Mock Trial in hopes to see you all in the spring. Follow us on Facebook for updates and announcements.

About Youth & Government

Youth & Government is dedicated to teens. For over 70 years we have empowered teens to find their voice and develop the skills needed to fulfill their potential.

Strengthen Communities

The future success of our communities rests in the hands of the next generation. By nurturing innovation, fostering a sense of responsibility, and building leadership skills we ensure our future leaders will be active and engaged servant leaders.

Empower Teens

Y&G teens are leaders in their communities. They sit on boards, volunteer in schools, and educate their friends and neighbors about local issues. They know they have a voice and understand the importance of sharing their opinions and ideas.

Discuss Healthy Alternatives

Teens in Y&G programs look at how laws and public policy effect the health and well being of citizens. From issues surrounding neighborhood sidewalks to the national healthcare debate, teens discuss alternatives and solutions to some of the largest issues facing community health in our state and nation

Learn More About Our Programs

Youth Legislature

Middle and High School teens participate in a mock legislature, taking on the roles of representatives and Senators in Olympia. Throughout session, teens gain a valuable civic education while honing skills in public speaking, research, and debate. Our delegates learn about the variety of views and issues around WA as they discuss solutions and alternatives to problems facing their own communities

Mock Trial

In Mock Trial teens work with legal professionals in their community to develop an understanding of real life case law and the role of the court system in a democratic society. As part of a competitive team, high school students develop caring relationships with their peers, gain skills in oral advocacy, research and critical thinking.

National Programs

National YMCA Youth & Government conferences and competitions offer opportunities for students to represent their state, meet and learn from peers, and discuss and debate topics of national and international interest.

Youth and Government Board of Directors


  • Marty Brown, Ret., State Board for Comm and Tech Colleges
  • Holly Chisa, Lobbyist
  • Jeanne Cushman*, Attorney/Lobbyist
  • Mike Egan*, Microsoft
  • Kelly Evans, Sound View Strategies
  • David Fisher, Fisher-Jurkovich Public Affairs
  • Arlen Harris, Washington State Board for Community and Technical College
  • Morgan Hickel, University of WA
  • Linda Kleingartner, TAS Consulting/Youth Leg Alum Parent
  • Robert Lewis, Clark County Superior Court
  • Paula Littlewood, Formerly of WA Bar Association
  • Julien Joh, Puget Sound Energy
  • Mary Catherine McAleer, Weyerhaeuser
  • Dan McGrady, PEMCO
  • Gloria Ochoa-Bruck, Formerly of City of Spokane
  • Sam Reed, Ret., Former WA Secretary of State
  • Krystal Starwich*, WA State Charter School Commission
  • Neil Stege, Washington Roundtable
  • Jamila Thomas, OSPI
  • Sung Yang*, Pacific Public Affairs

*Y&G Alumni