Swim Lessons - Swim for Fitness

This program is focused on teaching all of the basics of being on a swim team but without the added pressures of competing. Practices are split into three categories; Endurance, Speed, and Technique. Endurance consists of longer sets, where the distances are increased but we work on consistency with speed and technique. Speed consists of shorter sets but with a given time frame. The swimmer's goal is to be able to complete the entire set within that time frame. Last but not least is technique, swimming is very complex and there are a lot of tiny pieces that need to come together in order to make a stroke perfect. On technique days we will be teaching flip turns and dives off the block, in addition we will also teach on how to use flippers, paddles, and snorkel gear to help with arm position, leg technique, head position, and overall body position. The goal is to bring them all together to better improve each individual's stroke. But it's not all about swimming, it is also important to have fun while swimming, with teaching all of the above we will also have days where we will play games, like water polo, Skwim, and many more. This not only brings the team together as a whole but also works on things like endurance and stamina.
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