Swim Lessons - Private

Private Swim Lessons - Want to learn how to swim and improve your technique, but not in a group setting? Private Lessons are for you! Prerequisite: Children must be 3 years old or older to participate in private and/or semi-private swim lessons. For private and/or semi-private lessons before 8:00am swimmers must be 14 years old or older. Lesson Packages - 6/30 minute lessons 2 days a week or 4/30 minute lessons 1 day a week. A package of 4 lessons for Facility members is $120 and for Community members $200. A package of 6 lessons for Facility members is $180 and for Community members $300. Private Swim Lessons are scheduled outside of group lesson times and swim team practices. Please select a day and time from the availability for the month. If needed in the notes, please include any additional information such as special request, and swimming ability. The Aquatics department will use this information when assigning instructors, which is based on instructors availability.

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