Nutrition 101: Eat Well, Live Well

Eat Well, Live Well!"Nutrition 101" Workshop offered at Downtown Seattle YMCA. Created and presented by Lizzie Diehl, CN.This 101 workshop offers a chance for participants to do a guided ?self-assessment.? Participants will complete a short diet questionnaire worksheet either prior to the workshop or in the first 5 minutes. The worksheet is just for them, but encourages them to take a look at their food habits.After completing the questionnaire, the nutritionist will speak to five important aspects of healthy eating: Balance, Variety, Structure, Portion, and Pleasure.Each of these aspects will be tied back to the self-assessment. For each aspect, the nutritionist will describe the general importance of the concept as well as some specific, attention grabbing or surprising details. (For example, the nutritionist won?t just explain ?it?s important to eat a variety of vegetables,? but will highlight a colorful, compelling example, such as the way a phytochemical in broccoli tells our livers to produce more detoxification enzymes!!)

The workshop will conclude with a goal setting discussion, allowing participants to create their own goals based upon the results of their self assessment and on the information in the presentation. There will also be 10-15 minutes for questions afterwards, included in the total time of 75 min. Instructor will stay afterwards to help participants schedule appointments if they desire.

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