Hamilton HOST Taiko Drumming Club

Taiko is the Japanese word for drum, and a taiko group is an exciting mix of joyful booming sound, athletic movement, and artistic expression. Come learn the basics of playing this Japanese & American art form and - through our practice and performance - learn about taiko's traditional roots in Japan, the philosophy of beginning mind, and its significance in Asian American communities in North America as we join an exciting contemporary movement of taiko around the world! No experience or equipment necessary, but students should expect to engage in physical activity as well as mental and musical discipline. *16 PE Waiver Hours

About the instructor:
Ann M. Ishimaru has played taiko for over 20 years and co-founded Stanford Taiko as well as Portland Taiko, two groups that continue to perform in their communities and beyond today, including several international tours. Dr. Ishimaru has taught workshops for numerous taiko groups across the country, including at the North American Taiko Conference, taught taiko classes for learners from 3 to 80+ years old, and conducted educational programming for hundreds of schools and communities a year when she performed taiko professionally with Portland Taiko for 11 years. Her day job these days is as an Associate Professor of Education at the University of Washington's College of Education and a parent of 3 kids at 3 schools, including Hamilton Middle School. *18 Hours of PE Credit

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