S4 Kids U 2017-2018 | Samantha Smith Small Hands

This is a Pirate Play, a swashbuckling Melodrama, with original music, and funny lines. Come join the fun with Small Hands on Art, Howie and Amy McOmber. Also included in April is an Around the World Games class.This is a melodrama put on my Howie and Amy McOmber. Everyone who comes gets a part. It is fun, full of pirates, ladies, it is funny, and creative. We provide sets and costumes, and you will love to see your child up on stage, overcoming the fear of being in front of others, and performing with confidence. Come join the fun! The Around the World Games class includes fun games that were invented before video screens were around. Your child will have a great time in this class. Amy McOmber started teaching a class like this 24 years ago, and it is still as much fun today as it was then. Very active, creative, and something they will take with them the rest of their lives. Grades K-5th

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