Kid, Teen and Family Activities

The Y is a great place to grow up. We have an enormous variety of activities for kids of all ages and interests, from basketball, to rock climbing, chess club to dance class, and everything in between. At the Y any kid, or teen, can come to cultivate the skills and relationships that lead to positive behaviors, better health, and lifelong success, and have fun doing it. The Y prides itself on meeting the needs of all different types of families. So no matter what your background, your financial situation, or your schedule, there’s a place for your kids at the Y.

Kids Zone

While you're increasing your heart rate, your kids can play, release some energy and make new friends in a supervised, caring environment - all free with your Y family membership. Your kids will have fun with age-appropriate toys, games and activities. Children may be checked in for up to two (2) hours per day and a parent/guardian must remain at the Y.

Parents' Night Out

Whether your kids are looking to extend the fun at the Y, or you want to enjoy a night out, Parents’ Night Out is the perfect way to give yourself some TLC while your kids play and learn alongside their peers. Rest easy knowing that your children are engaged in activities such as arts and crafts, group games or active play in a safe, trusted place, instead of home with a babysitter. A balanced dinner is provided for ages 3 and up.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday with us by hosting a memorable, fun-filled party at the Y! Just choose a theme and our party hosts will take it from there. The kids will have a blast playing non-stop games and when it is time for treats in the party room, our hosts will keep the fun rolling. Best of all, when the fun’s been had, the mess is ours and your house is intact!

Youth Sports

At the Y there are no tryouts - everybody plays and everybody wins. Kids as young as three begin learning basic skills and working together as a team. Y Youth Sports provide a fun introduction to soccer, volleyball, baseball and basketball, and help keep kids active. In the process, kids learn to care about others, be honest, show respect and be responsible.

Family Activities

The Y has a long-standing commitment to building strong families. If you're searching for active, healthy, affordable fun your family can enjoy together, you'll find it at the Y. From field trips, to in branch activities, the Y has the family fun you're looking for.

Cooking & Crafts

Whether it's a craft night or learning basics of cooking there's a Y activity to capture the imagination of any kid - and the kid inside any adult. The Y is a great getaway during the school year, allowing you to reconnect with each other and meet other families without the distractions of home life.

Kids University & Enrichment Classes

Make the most of after-school time with active learning opportunities designed to engage and expand young minds.  Choose from a menu of multi-week experiences taught by caring, certified staff like sports, arts and other hands-on learning activities!  Y programs have the flexibility you need - come once a week or every day.