Fall Indoor Soccer (4 Year Olds)

The YMCA Indoor Soccer Program is open to members and non members from the age of 4 year olds. Indoor soccer is just like soccer played outside, with one exception; It's played in a gym. The advantages are many. 1st, you're playing soccer in a controlled environment, meaning no weather hazard..RAIN. 2nd, you are much closer to the action. You get to see everything as it happens and as it develops. 3rd, the playing field-the court--is shorter and narrower, so there is much more action, and more opportunities to score! And then, of course the walls, which gives the players even more of a chance to score because of the bounces and angled shots off the wall.Expose your 3-5 year old to the fundamentals of indoor soccer. Players will learn the basics of kicking, stopping and moving the ball. This is a parent involved league. we encourage parents to come out on the court during the practice period to help their child. for the first 30 minutes of the class, players and their teams will practice different skills and for the second 30 minutes their team will scrimmage against another team.

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