4th Q Kids U: NS (d) Thur 4-5pm, Acro/Gymnastics

*Loose fitting pants or leggings are recommended* Acro is an exciting class that allows students to explore movement, build strength and flexibility, start healthy habits and learn valuable life skills. Class will begin with a warm up which will safely prepare the kids for the tricks they will later execute, through necessary stretching and basic conditioning. Then the kids will start with simple body and spatial awareness moves which will be built up into more complicated and explosive tricks. As safety is top priority, each student will work at their own pace moving on once they have the strength and control to execute the next step in the process. While having fun flipping and tumbling down the mat, Miss Jessi will also help develop important learning skills like active listening, following directions, mindful actions and body awareness, patience and classroom etiquette. This is the perfect class for both boys and girls to build confidence in themselves. We?re going to have a blast! Come flip around with us!

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