Member Challenge - Snowflake Triathlon

Participants have 8 weeks to...Swim - 2.4 miles. Swim laps or water walk 86.4 laps. 1 hour water aerobics = 1/4 mile. Bike - 112 miles. Ride outside, in a class, or in the fitness center. Run - or walk 26.2 miles. You may substitute miles on the cardio equipment such as the elliptical, nu-step, AMT, or stairmaster machines. Cardio classes may be substituted as well. 60 minutes of step aerobics, Zumba or turbo kick = 3 miles. 1584 nu-step steps = 1 mile. Get a workout log when you register at the Welcome Center, or use your own. Get a Snowflake Triathlon t-shirt at the finish line.
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