Optimal Movement, Feldenkrais Style

For those who would like to be able to move with more ease and confidence, especially middle-aged and boomer-types, Optimal Movement is a very accessible class. The work is based in Mind-Body Studies and the Feldenkrais Mind-Body Studies Optimal Movement for Balance, ease and stability. As we age, we may find ourselves dealing with stiff joints, a sore neck, an achy back or less stability than before. We may stop doing what we love, or rely on pain-killers more than we would like. But what if you could learn the brain's natural way of healing to improve balance, stability and ease of movement. Regardless of your age or physical condition, you can experience more ease and comfort. Either on the floor, or in chairs, we do simple movements, with a specific focus of awareness. Come give your body-mind the sensory feedback it needs to learn its own best way to improve!

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