Martial Arts - Tae Kwon Do Beginners

Participants must take this Monday & Friday class first before being able to join the traditional Tae Kwon Do classes that takes place throughout the week. This allows for the student to get caught up to speed with the rest of the class prior to joining the main group the following month.The American Tae Kwon Do Association (ATA) has developed a program based on traditional Tae Kwon Do which is based on a lifetime learning concept in addition to technical skills. When learning, the student is in a traditional Tae Kwon Do class, focusing on not just the physical, but also on discipline, honor, self-control, respect, courtesy, perseverance, and loyalty. Rank advancement testing is available at the end of every session for students who can demonstrate proficiency in their current belt's techniques. A uniform is required and must be purchased from the instructor at the first class.

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