Active Older Adult - EnhanceFitness®

Arthritis is a condition of painful joint stiffness and inflammation affecting 52.5 million Americans and is the most common form of disability for adults 65 and older in the US. This pain and limited mobility can affect safety, independence, and quality of life for older adults. In this evidence-based program, your instructor will take you through a low-impact workout proven to reduce pain, improve functioning, elevate mood, and delay the onset of disability for individuals with arthritis, when performed on a regular basis (3 hour-long sessions per week). The program is beneficial for older adults in general, but has been deemed particularly safe and effective for older adults living with arthritis. Instructors conduct fitness checks when participants start the program, again after the first 4 months and every 4 months after to assess improvement. Class is free for YMCA members.Class is free for community members who are Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington Medicare Advantage or Kaiser Permanente Washington Medicare Advantage members. Show your insurance card.All other community members pay for 4 months of classes, choosing the fee of $150, $90, or $60 as they wish.
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