CPR/First Aid - Staff Only

This approach combines the convenience of online learning lessons with an in-person classroom skill session in order to meet knowledge and skill objectives for learners. Students will receive an email containing a link to the learning lessons. Students will complete a series of web-based lessons and quizzes while learning at their own pace. The CPR-Pro lessons include a formal exam. The online learning is approximately 4 hours, but may be longer, depending on your comfort-level with the information. The online learning system will allow you to move forward as quickly as you like. It repeats information in video and PowerPoint form; you may skip through the videos without missing any of information. The online lessons must be completed PRIOR to attending the classroom skill session. To ensure a positive learning experience, course registration deadline is a minimum of one week prior to the classroom skill session date. YOU MUST BRING YOUR COMPLETION CERTIFICATE TO THE CLASSROOM SESSION. The classroom skill session is 3 hours in length and includes Instructor-led CPR-Pro and Basic First Aid skill demonstration, student skill practice and skill verification through brief scenarios. Students must demonstrate competent performance of all skills and scenarios without assistance. The Basic First Aid written exam will be administered and students must achieve a score of 70% or above to earn certification. Online learning links will be distributed 1-week prior to the course date when registration closes. If you do not receive them it is your responsibility to email cpr@seattleymca.org to ask for them to be sent again. For staff that is RENEWING their certifications, the online learning lessons provide a review of the material as well as the quizzes and a written CPR-Pro exam. Students may click through the information at their own pace as needed to prepare for the exams. You must cancel a minimum of one week prior to the course date. Failure to complete online learning or show-up for the training will result in a $50 no-show fee being assessed. #STAFFCPR
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