Leadership Development Institute (LDI) Classics

All gender, entering grades 9-11
LDI Classics is one of our most popular programs. Teens spend two weeks learning to develop their leadership and communication styles, working with youth and exploring the San Juan Islands on a multi-day adventure - either sea kayaking, sailing or biking. Participants spend four or five nights on expedition and the rest of their session at Camp Orkila, partaking in youth work activities, team building initiatives and other traditional camp experiences. *Note: the expedition trip is based on the program you register for; not a choice once at camp.


LDI 2.0

All gender, entering grades 10-12
LDI 2.0 represents the next step in teen leadership at Orkila. Over the course of three weeks, teens build on their leadership skills learning facilitation techniques, exploring the importance of storytelling, community building, service and taking on more youth work challenges. They will also embark on a seven-day sea kayak expedition with the goal of circumnavigating Orcas Island. Leader of the Day plays a bigger role in this program as more leadership is turned over to the participants by their instructors. After completing an LDI 2.0 course, teens will have accumulated 20 hours of community service in recognition of their time working with youth and volunteering in the Orcas Island community.

CIT: Counselors in Training

All gender, entering grades 11-12
Take the first step towards becoming a cabin counselor! Participants focus on team-building, leadership skills and counseling techniques while spending two weeks at camp. CITs develop new skills, build strong relationships, and have an unforgettable summer. 

*Application and interview required. Accepted applicants will receive registration instructions.


All gender, entering grades 10-12
Get ready to put skills to the test in this challenging and fun four-week expedition. Our experienced staff will teach advanced boat handling, advanced navigation, and expedition planning. Working as a team, groups will plan their own trip through the San Juan Islands. This trip will challenge perseverance, kayak skills, and leadership abilities. Islander participants will take what they have learned and practice leading their peers at least once as Leader of the Day, and have a chance to teach paddle skills to other Orkila campers on Satellite Island as they lead on the water. Towards the end of the course, participants will also have a solo experience to rest and reflect on their time as an Islander (instructors place and regularly check-in with participants during this time). All participants must demonstrate a wet-exit and re-entry with their paddle partner before embarking on the course.

*Application and interview process required. Accepted applicants will be given registration instructions. 


OSI: Orkila Summer Intern - Volunteer Internship

All gender, entering grade 12
Our Orkila Summer Internship (OSI) program is a unique, multi-faceted leadership experience that prepares teens for future positions of responsibility. The internship offers a great chance to develop your resume, gain work experience and build friendships. Teens attend staff training and then will fulfill various roles around camp during an exciting four weeks, expanding their leadership knowledge and enhancing the camp experience. Participants earn 500 hours of community service.

*Application and interview required. Accepted applicants will receive registration instructions.

Girls LEAD

Female-identified campers only, entering grades 7-9 
Girls LEAD is a powerful, two-week experience at Camp Orkila that empowers female-identified participants with the self-confidence to lead, the spirit to give back to their communities and a personal awareness to live a healthy and balanced life.  Participants take part in group-building activities and challenge stereotypes about what it means to identify as a female today.

Girl with horse

Horsemaster Leadership

All gender, entering grades 9-11.
Horsemaster Leadership is a program for campers of all skill levels interested in honing horsemanship and leadership skills. Horsemanship skills are developed through daily riding lessons as well as hands-on workshops in horse care, tack maintenance, and barn management.  Leadership opportunities include service projects and mentoring younger campers.  *Previous riding experience is required.