High Altitude Leadership

All gender, entering grades 7-9 in the fall of 2023.
High Altitude Leadership campers spend time on the challenge courses, advancing their ropes skills by learning basic knot-tying, belaying and facilitation under the supervision of experienced staff.  The climbing tower and zipline add extra adrenaline!

Farm to Table Camp

All gender, entering 7-9 
This one-week program will provide a group of campers the chance to explore the food systems of Camp Orkila and the San Juan Islands. Campers will spend time working with the Orkila gardener learning about growing your own food in a sustainable way, as well as volunteering at farms around the islands to learn more about local food production systems. The group will cook or prepare one meal per day and explore culinary arts and techniques. This program will give campers the opportunity to learn about sustainable food in a creative and engaging environment. Campers will also participate in traditional camp activities like campfire and open rec, and have the opportunity to explore our ropes course.


All gender, entering grades 7-9.
Campers learn introductory and intermediate angling skills while fishing at Orcas Island fresh water lakes and in the beautiful Salish Sea. Campers will spend one night at a remote fishing location to inspire outdoor activity and enhanced fishing skills. The group will fish the Salish Sea from Orkila's own deep water dock and make their own personal fishing equipment. The remainder of the time is spent participating in camp activities. Campers may live in mixed gender cabins.
*Fishing equipment provided.  *Any camper 15 years of age or older during the program must bring a valid Washington State Fishing license.

High Altitude Leadership 2.0

All gender, entering grades 9-11
In this two week program, teens develop their leadership and communication styles while working with youth and exploring the San Juan Islands. Utilizing our challenge courses, HAL 2.0 campers will engage in team building initiatives that they later help to facilitate for younger campers. HAL 2.0 participants live in Tracy Strong Village in a co-gendered cabin. They will have at least one offsite, overnight experience. Upon completion of the program, HAL 2.0 participants will receive 10 community service hours for their time working directly with youth and their participation in a service project either at camp or with another organization on Orcas Island.


All gender, entering grades 6-9
In the Horsemaster unit, campers get to know one specific horse they will ride and care for throughout the session.  During daily group lessons, Horsemasters focus on individualized riding plans tailored to the skill level of each camper.  The number of participants in each session is limited to strengthen the level of interactive instruction.  In addition to riding, Horsemaster campers participate in traditional camp activities, such as swimming, boating, archery and attending campfires. 

Island Explorers

All gender, entering grades 6-8.
Island Explorer campers will take the spirit of Orkila out into the wilderness putting the Camp back in Summer Camp. Campers and staff spend their nights sleeping under the stars on Satellite Island and at Orkila’s Twin Lakes campsite. With a strong emphasis on skill building, campers will help to cook their own meals, participate in team building initiatives, learn knots and hitches, become experts in Leave No Trace ethics and take on greater leadership roles among their peers. This program is about fun too! Campers will play classic camp games, build forts, and explore the coastline and trails of Satellite Island and Moran State Park. Island explorers will also have a high ropes experience at the end of their week at camp.

*Note: This program is different from Traditional Explorers. Campers in this program will spend most of their time away from Camp Orkila. 

Marine Biology

All gender, entering grades 6-8.
Explore the many wonders of the marine world surrounding us! Based at Camp Orkila's Marine Salmon Center, campers are immersed in marine ecology, oceanography, and conservation of the natural world.  Campers will get to dissect a squid and explore the intertidal zone both at Camp and on Satellite Island. 

Treehouse Building Camp

All gender; entering 8-10

Create a treehouse with your group at camp this summer! In this program, you will work with a professional shop teacher to learn safety and usage of hand and power tools, as well as how to design a project and read detailed plans. Your group will practice building with a number of different materials, with a goal of building a basic treehouse structure in our Enchanted Forrest. You will live in Tracy Strong village. When you are not working on the project you will participate in traditional camp activities. Join us this summer to learn new skills, make a lasting impact at camp, and have fun while doing it.

*All tools and safety equipment provided.