Children's Crisis Outreach Response System (CCORS) provides comprehensive crisis services to children, youth and families in King County. These services are provided free of charge through funding by the King County Mental Health, Chemical Abuse and Dependency Service Division. CCORS services are built to assist families with immediate crisis concerns, as well as to connect families to long term stabilization services. CCORS operates as a vital function in preventing unnecessary psychiatric hospitalization of children in King County through safety planning, assistance for families with use of natural supports, and prompt connection to community services.

What makes CCORS unique:

  • Strength-based, individualized approach

  • Team approach includes Crisis Intervention Specialist (MHP's), Family Advocates and Parent Partners

  • 24/7 crisis response and support

  • Community based services - home, hospital, school, etc.

  • Service not dependent upon income, citizenship, or access to resources

  • Focus on whole family and use of natural supports and resources

  • Priority needs are created with the client and family and focus on prevention of future crises

  • Emphasis on teaming with other professionals, use of wraparound principles