Treatment Foster Care provides a stable environment to teens who qualify for Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services in highly trained and supported professional foster homes. Placements typically last 6 to 12 months. Case management, weekly therapy and other services are provided to youth by the YMCA's skilled Child and Family Therapists and Family Support Specialists.

Placement and Needs Assessment Services are designed to provide a stable environment for children and youth between the ages of 6 and 18 for a short period. An assessment team consisting of an Assessment Youth Counselor and other professionals evaluate the needs and best placement for a child in care. A youth's stay in this program could be anywhere from 3 to 90 days. A placement can be made at any time of day or night.

Respite Care provides a short-term placement for youth in any of our programs. Respite is provided to help stabilize a child going through a challenging time or to give full-time foster parents a weekend or vacation time free of parenting responsibilities. Respite can last a few hours, overnight or for several days, depending on the needs of the youth and family.

In-Home Services provide family counseling and support for state-referred families who are at risk of having a child or youth placed in out-of-home care, or whose children and youth are returning to the care of their birth or kinship family. Therapists work with the child and their family to establish good communication, clear and appropriate rules and consequences, community supports and coping skills needed for a successful permanent placement.

Outpatient Counseling Services are provided by trained Child and Family Therapists to children, youth and families. The type and length of counseling depends on the needs of the child or youth and his or her family. In some cases, we arrange for outside therapists who have special expertise, such as with children displaying sexual behavior problems.