YMCA Family Services and Mental Health Permanency Program offers state-referred youth and their families wrap-around services including foster care placements, mental health counseling, youth assessment services, treatment foster care, and in-home family preservation and reunification services. We believe that treatment should be strength-focused, solution-based, customer-driven and community-based.

We offer these services in partnership with the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services' Division of Child and Family Services, the King County Mental Health and Chemical Abuse and Dependency Services Division and private funding.

Our Treatment Foster Care program provides foster care and to children and youth who have emotional, behavioral or mental health problems resulting from poverty, neglect and/or abuse. Our YMCA Child and Family Therapists and Family Support Specialists offer intensive services to foster youth and their birth or kinship families, including therapy, clinical case management, consultation, school advocacy, life, vocation and emancipation skills, and coordination of the entire treatment team. Twenty-four hour crisis consultation and outreach support is available to all YMCA foster parents and foster youth.

Our In-Home and Family Reunification services offer family counseling and support for state-referred families who are at risk of having a child or youth placed in out-of-home care, or whose children and youth are returning to the care of their birth or kinship family. Therapists work with the child and their family to establish good communication, clear and appropriate rules and consequences, coping skills, and the tangible resources needed for family and child well-being.