​YMCA Earth Service Corps has been supporting environmental service projects and leadership development for over twenty years. We have the knowledge and experience to help teens, clubs and schools reach new heights, develop youth leaders and create meaningful change in the community. If you're looking to start a club at your school or want to take your club to new heights we can provide the resources to help you reach your goals.

  • Recruitment Materials

  • Icebreaker & Team Building Activities

  • Field Trip Transportation & Support

  • Guest Speaker Ideas & Connections

  • Environmental Education Activities & Materials

  • Community Needs Assessments

  • Mini-Grants to Support Club Projects

  • Service Project Tools & Resources

Contact us if you have questions or want to learn more about how YESC can support you!

​The official, authentic, genuine guide to starting, running, and rocking a YESC club.

Written toward teachers, advisors and teen leaders, this tool will give you the nuts and bolts of the YESC program including:

  • What is YMCA Earth Service Corps?

  • How do I start and run a YESC club?

  • How do we plan a project?

  • How do we raise money for our club?

  • How do we make a difference?

 YMCA Earth Service Corps Handbook

Looking for an activity to build your group, teach leadership skills or environmental concepts? This is the resource for you! Over 100 lesson plans to help you run a successful leadership club.

Not sure where to start? Check out one of the 12 week lesson plans in the introduction.

Have a particular lesson in mind? Go straight to the index to find the page you are looking for.

Looking for a particular type of experience for your group? Flip through a chapter to find the perfect activity.

Happy Teaching!


Chapter 1: BOND

Chapter 2: EXPLORE

Chapter 3: CREATE

Chapter 4: LEARN

Chapter 5: ENGAGE

Chapter 6: REFLECT


Here is a list of successful projects designed and run by YESC participants. ​

  • Paint environmental murals

  • Sponsor a letter writing campaign and/or petition signing

  • Organize field trips to a local landfill, water reservoir, fish hatchery, or other interesting location

  • Invite environmental speakers to speak at your school or meeting

  • Throw an environmental dance: make everyone wear recycled clothes

  • Host an environmental education booth at a fair or community event

  • Sponsor a bike-to-school day

  • Create a nature walk around your school

  • Visit a local farmers’ market and interview farmers

  • Start a school recycling program

  • Plan an urban tree planting

  • Monitor a watershed

  • Adopt a block or neighborhood park

  • Clean up the schoolyard

  • Restore trails at nearby state parks

  • Paint recycling bins or garbage cans with environmental slogans

  • Stencil storm drains to help reduce harmful runoff

  • Research local conservation groups and volunteer with a campaign

  • Scrub the school’s recycling bins

  • Write an article about the club or an environmental issue for the school or local newspaper

  • Volunteer at a community garden

  • Partner with a local elementary school to teach students about the environment through art projects and skits

  • Organize community-wide phone book and battery recycling

  • Create a local “green pages” of environmentally friendly businesses in the community

  • Partner with a bike shop or bike club at your school to fix up old bikes and provide them for students to ride to school

​YMCA Earth Service Corps supports service projects both big and small. If you're looking for the guidance to launch a waste reduction program, organize a bike to school day or the tools to build a rain garden or plant trees in a local park we are here to help. YESC has a wide range of resources and supplies to help turn your ideas in to reality.

YESC resources include:

  • Community Needs Assessments

  • Waste Audit Kits

  • Habitat Restoration Supplies

  • Stream Monitoring/Water Quality Kits

  • Storm Drain Clean-Up & Stenciling Kits

  • Traditional & Container Garden Materials & Supplies

  • Lunchroom Compost Trial Kits

  • PSA Video Making Equipment