Join a Club!

YMCA Earth Service Corps is driven by it's clubs. Teens meet weekly to take on the environmental issues facing their communities and create projects to address these needs. Club meetings take place before, during or after school. Meetings can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours and are led by youth leaders, YMCA staff and Teacher Advisors.

Dropping by a YESC club meeting is an easy way to get involved and see what we're all about.

If there isn't a club at your school contact Earth Service Corps and we will work with you to start a club and connect with the YESC network.

What is YESC Leadership Council?

The goal of the YESC Leadership Council is for a committed group of student representatives to come together as a collective voice to direct the focus of Earth Service Corps. This student committee, comprised of environmentally-minded teens from high schools across the area, will meet once a month with YESC staff to help organize regional events, service projects, and more. You’ll gain firsthand experience planning projects for your peers, leading the program and get new ideas for environmental education and action!

Recognizing that different interests, issues and ideas are reflected in the Greater Seattle Area, your role as a Councilmember is to help guide the direction of the program with your input and ideas. Councilmembers will gain job skills, a competitive edge as a leader and an opportunity to connect with our community partners—all while getting to know new people and having fun!

Through Leadership Council you will be pushed to take up leadership opportunities, make friendships, and create meaningful change in their community.

Who can be a Councilmember

Are you passionate about the environment? Do you believe in making a difference? Are you a teen with something to say? Then you are encouraged to be a YESC councilmember!

When is it?

YESC Leadership Council begins in October each year and lasts until early June. Registration will open on September 1st.

Where does Leadership Council take place?

Depending on where you live Leadership Council meets at:

Downtown YMCA: 909 Fourth Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

Bellevue Family YMCA:14230 Bel-Red Rd, Bellevue, WA 98007

Learn More 

Contact us throughout the year if you would like to learn more or receive application materials.

Give back to your community!

This is a chance to get your hands dirty! YESC hosts monthly stewardship opportunities throughout the school year to gather together teens from across the region in service to the environment. Each project is in a different location around King County, some of which YESC has been working at for years! Rain or shine, hot or cold, you can see a bunch of YESC students working hard at digging up blackberry rootballs, pulling ivy, or planting trees!

Contact us to learn about upcoming projects!


​  Environmental Leaders Summit


The Environmental Leaders Summit is centered on the concept that the young people of today will have a key role in determining the future of our earth. To play this role effectively, education about environmental issues is not enough. Young people must have the confidence and the leadership skills to translate their knowledge into positive, effective community action.

The YMCA Earth Service Corps Environmental Leaders Summit provides a forum for local teens and adults from around the Puget Sound to discuss the environmental issues facing our communities. By creating opportunities for community leaders and young environmentalists to take part in a day of dialogue they can work together to create more sustainable schools and neighborhoods. The Summit culminates in a town hall meeting that transforms the multiple conversation threads into a single, tangible, and meaningful call to action that addresses the most pressing environmental issues in our communities.

The YESC Environmental Leaders Summit takes place during the fall each year and roundtable topics range from water resources and waste reduction, to environmental justice, to the sustainably built environment. If you are a teacher interested in bringing a group of students or a teen interested in attending, we encourage you to contact us throughout the year so we can add you to the invite list.

YESC Environmental Symposium 

The YESC Environmental Symposium is the event that launched Earth Service Corps! The Symposium was conceived as an opportunity to bring together teens from across the Puget Sound so they could learn from environmental professionals and each other. The event provides hands-on workshops focused on education, but also engages youth in the integral piece of problem-solving the environmental issues in their schools and communities.

YESC has held a Symposium every year since its inception in 1989 with the goal of meeting the needs of youth at many different levels of environmental knowledge. YESC teens enrolled in the Leadership Council take part in planning and organizing the Symposium and facilitate a student-led workshop for their peers. Teens who are new to YESC gain hands-on knowledge about our environment and discover ways to become more involved in their schools and community.

Most recently the YESC Environmental Symposium has taken place during the month of March each year. If you are a teacher interested in bringing a group of students or a teen interested in attending, we encourage you to contact us throughout the year so we can add you to the invite list.

Lead, Learn, Grow

YMCA Earth Service Corps Eco-Retreats are one day or weekend events dedicated to growing leadership skills and environmental awareness. Young people come together and learn about Puget Sound environmental issues, communication styles, project planning and building partnerships. These retreats provide teens with the skills to become better environmental stewards and create a solid foundational network among clubs that supports future collaboration and meaningful environmental action.

Why a retreat?

  • Connect with leaders from other schools

  • Learn about environmental issues affecting the Puget Sound

  • Develop skills and grow as a leader 

  • See and experience the outdoors 

  • Relax, unwind, and have fun!

Contact us to learn about upcoming Eco-Retreats!