About the Alpine Tower

Located at the Auburn Valley YMCA, the Alpine Tower is a unique climbing and challenge structure, designed and constructed by Alpine Towers International, a leader in the ropes course industry.  It is a 3-sided pyramid, with 6 different routes ranging in difficulty.  Participants climb and maneuver around the various obstacles and logs, using hand holds, ropes, wood, and nets to reach the top.  There is an optional Swing by Choice module incorporated into the structure.  There is nothing like it in Puget Sound area!

Program Information

While the Alpine Tower largely serves the YMCA of Greater Seattle and it's program participants, the facility is available for outside group use and rental.  This is a staff-facilitated and staff-belayed structure, and must be operated by YMCA personnel. 

Group Size: 6-30 people*

Time Frame: 2-5 hours

Price: $20-35/person depending on group and length of program

Age Requirement: 8 years old and up

Weight Limit: 300 lbs.

*With design modifications, we may be able to accomodate larger groups