Kids and Tweens Play, You Exercise!

Let our caring staff watch after your kiddos in a safe environment within a stable, small group while you enjoy a rejuvenating workout. This is a free family membership benefit which gives you time to hit your favorite piece of equipment or that group exercise class you've been missing while the kids have a great time in our Kids Zone spaces. 

Tween Zone is launching as a pilot program for ages 9 to 13 at the Northshore, Sammamish Community, and Matt Griffin YMCAs in August. Reservations open July 15 at 6:00am. 


Kids Club & Tween Scene Reservations

Please select the location where you would like to reserve Kids Club or Tween Scene. Reservations open monthly on the 15th at 6:00 am for the following month of programs. Days, times, and frequency vary by location and are grouped by cohort for up to 90 minutes each session. As we have limited capacity, please only sign up for one reservation cohort per child per month.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can participate in Kids Club?
  • Kids Club is designed to meet the needs of kids ages 2 to 9
  • Members with Family 1 or Family 2 memberships can make a monthly reservation
  • Reservations are limited to one group per month for each child in a family
  • Kids over 9 may join a supervising adult for cardio or lap swim
Who can participate in Tween Scene?
  • Tween Scene is designed to meet the needs of kids ages 9 to 13.
  • Members with Family 1 or Family 2 memberships can make a monthly reservation
  • Reservations are limited to one group per month for each child in a family
Where is Kids Club currently offered?
  • Kids Club is currently offered at most local Ys.
What are the cohort group sizes?
  • Ages 2 to 5: Maximum of 16 kids per group with two staff
  • Ages 5 to 13: Maximum of 24 kids per group with two staff
How are we keeping kids safe?
  • Staff are trained to follow safety protocols and cleaning procedures
  • All touchpoints will be thoroughly cleaned between each group
What will my child do during Kids Club and what spaces are available for use?

Kids will engage in:

  • Community circle time
  • Theme-based STEM, art, and literacy programs
  • Physical activities

Kids Club utilizes:

  • Kids Zone activity centers
  • Indoor play structures and tumbling mats
  • Outdoor playgrounds

Play structures vary by age group and location.

What will my child do during Tween Scene and what spaces are available for use?

Tweens will engage in:

  • Theme-based STEM, art, and group games
  • Physical activities

Tween Scene utilizes:

  • Kids Zone activity centers or Teen spaces



Can I check my child in late or pick them up early?
  • You may check in or out anytime during the 90 minute session
  • Structured activities and schedules are planned for each day so the longer your child is present, the more opportunity they will have to participate
  • Once you have checked your child out for the day, you may not check them back in that same day
What is available for use to the parent or guardian during Kids Club?
  • All open amenities and programs are available for use
    • Spots in reservation-based activities are not guaranteed
  • Parents/guardians are required to remain inside the facility or outside in the parking lot
    • If you choose to wait outside, please ensure we have your current contact information on file
  • Lounge areas are not currently open for use
If one parent or guardian drops off a child, may another pick up them up?
  • No, the same parent or guardian must drop off and pick up the child from Kids Club
  • This ensures the parent or guardian remains on the property at all times in case of emergency
May my child bring their own toys or snacks? 
  • No, we do not allow outside toys, food, or drinks in Kids Club
  • Bottled water is okay but please label the bottle with your child’s name
  • This reduces touchpoints and the number of items that need cleaning
What does my child need to bring?
  • Socks (may wear or bring with)
  • Jacket (for the possibility of outdoor play)
  • Properly fitted mask (required for kids ages 5+, recommended for ages 2 to 4).
Does my child need to be potty trained?
  • No, however our staff cannot change diapers
  • We will locate you in the facility to change your child, if needed
Are staff going to be vaccinated?

We are encouraging Y staff to get vaccinated, however it is not required.

Why isn’t Kids Zone open normally?
  • At this time, Healthy Washington guidelines do not allow in-facility child care services such as Kids Zone
  • Current guidelines recommend cohort-based programs for young children which drop-in care (Kids Zone) cannot provide
  • We are monitoring the Department of Health guidance and will resume Kids Zone as soon as it is appropriate to do so 

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