Ground-Based Team Building is a portable program that presents your group with a series of icebreaker activities followed by a set of integrated team initiatives. These are all on the ground, and individuals will not go higher than 6 feet.  If you’re looking for a fun and fast-paced experience on the ground, this is a great choice for you!

We can go as light or as focused as your group wants, providing a fun-filled program of games and competitions, or taking your group on a journey of self-discovery, group dynamics, and leadership development.

This program is completely portable, and can be done at any location throughout the Greater Seattle area. The Ground-Based Team Building can be run as a program by itself, or it can be incorporated into any of our Challenge Course or Climbing Programs.

Program Information

  • Group Size: Minimum 6
  • Time Frame: 1-6 hours
  • Price: $8-12 per person, depending on group and length of program
  • Age Requirement: None
  • Weight Limit: None

Contact and Booking Information

For information on booking and pricing, contact Thomas Walsh at or 970-366-2318.