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Visit the Y to swim laps, perfect your stroke, and bond with family. Remember, reservations are required. They open at 6:00 am two days prior to the reservation start date.


Your Questions, Answered

We've organized questions into the following sections:


Family Recreational Swim

Can I reserve a quadrant by depth or type of pool?

Yes, members can reserve a quadrant by depth or type of pool. There are three types of depths: 0-3 feet, 3-5 feet, and 5-10 feet deep. The depth of the quadrant will be in the name of the reservation for easy browsing.

Similarly, the reservation name will include the type of pool. For example, a reservation named, "Recreational Swim Reservation - Activity Pool 3-5 Feet Deep" is in our activity pool, which tends to be a little warmer than our lap pool. If the reservation name does not include the type of pool, the reservation will be in the lap pool.


Which local Y's will be offering more Family Recreational Swim?

Almost all local Y's currently offer Family Recreational Swim two days a week. See reservation times >

The following local Y's will offer Family Recreational Swim in their activity pools:

The following local Y's will be adding weekday reservations in their lap pools:

New weekend times begin on Saturday, March 13 and weekday times begin on Thursday, April 1. Remember, reservations are required. They open at 6:00 am two days prior to the reservation start date.


May I bring my own floatation devices?

We invite you to bring your own Personal Floatation Device for all non-swimmers who cannot pass the YMCA’s swim test. All Personal Floatation Devices must be Coast Guard-approved and adults must always be within an arm’s reach. We do not allow for any type of air-filled floatation devices.


What does the YMCA’s Swim Test consist of?

For safety reasons, we ask that any swimmers who are 13 years old or younger pass a brief swim test. The test consists of:

  • Deep water plunge with head going below the surface of the water
  • Surface and swim 25 yards without resting or stopping
  • 30-second tread or float

A test won't be required if the child or teen will be within arm’s reach of someone 14 years old or older for the entirety of the time they are in the water.


Are there any age restrictions for Family Recreational Swim?

People of all ages can participate in a Family Recreational Swim reservation under these guidelines:

  • All participants must live in the same household and be on the same membership.
  • There must someone 18 years old or older on the reservation to supervise any participants under the age of 14.

For safety reasons, we ask that any swimmers who are 13 years old or younger pass a brief swim test. A test won't be required if the child or teen will be within arm’s reach of someone 14 years old or older for the entirety of the time they are in the water.


Can my household make a Family Recreational Swim reservation if there are more than five of us?

Reservations are limited to five people. We recommend that you make multiple reservations so that we have enough space for your family in the pool.


Will I be able to use the family locker rooms or locker rooms?

Due to the increased capacities in our aquatic areas, we will be opening locker rooms and family changing rooms for swimmers. Please follow proper social distancing guidelines.


Can I sit on the pool deck while my children swim?

If your children pass our swim test you do not need to be in the water with them and can sit on the pool deck while they swim. We ask that you stay on the pool deck during your reservation while your children are in the water.


If I have a child that doesn’t want to swim, can they sit on the pool deck?

We will have designated seating for each family that enjoys family recreational swim. If members are not in the pool, they should be seated in their designated area and continue to abide by pool rules or appropriately supervised by an adult.


What changed to allow use of the activity pool?

We have special permission from the State Department of Health to operate our activity pools with limited use and without any water features, including slides or play toys.  

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Lap Swim & Water Walking

Will I be in a lane with someone that I don’t know, and is that safe?

The Governor’s guidelines updated on October 6, 2020 allow for two people who are not part of the same household to share a lane. We are confident in the Governor's office and the ability of our lifeguards to uphold our safety protocols including social distancing. Learn more about safety in chlorinated water from the CDC.


If I swim with a family member, do I still need to socially distance? 

Under the Governor’s guidelines, two members of the same household can swim in the same lane without observing social distancing guidelines. The YMCA of Greater Seattle is requiring those members to be on the same household membership.


If I want to share a lane with someone in my household, will we both need to make a reservation?

Yes, you both will need to reserve a reservation time slot. Please arrive early as lanes are first-come, first-served.


Can my child who is under age 14 swim with me?

Yes, children and teens who are 10 years old and older may swim with a Supervising Adult present. All children and teens in this age range must pass a swim test in order to participate. Read our full policy >


Do children and teens need their own reservation?

Yes, in order for us to manage building capacity we require that children ages 10 years and older have their own reservation.

If you are a Supervising Adult for a child or teen who is lap swimming, you do not need a reservation. However, you must be present on the pool deck during their reservation. We will provide a place for you to sit on the pool deck while they swim.


How can water walkers, exercisers, and lap swimmers safely share a lane?

We welcome water walkers and exercisers! Both people in the lane will need to make appropriate space for one another. If you're walking or exercising, turn away from your lane partner when they are passing you.


Are you allowing members to use swim equipment?

In order to reduce touchpoints, goggles, kickboards, fins, belts, noodles, and other equipment are NOT currently available. Please plan to bring these from home if you need them.

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Aquatics (General)

What's available in aquatics? Can I use the spa, sauna, steam room, or jacuzzi?

At this time, we are offering only access to the pool. Spas, saunas, steam rooms, and jacuzzis are NOT available.

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Private Swim Lessons

Refine your stroke, practice your breathing rhythm, or elevate your turns with private swim lessons. Instructors teach from the pool edge, so participants must be able to swim 25 yards unsupported.

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