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The YMCA continues to work to meet south Seattle’s most urgent needs. Because when we all have opportunities to improve our health and reach our full potential, our entire community thrives.

Our 2018 Goal is $170,000

The Y. For a Better Us.

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Developing Confident, Resilient Youth

Y Scholars at Garfield High:

$100,000 ensures 120 students of color receive academic support, mentorship, leadership development, and community engagement opportunities while enrolled in Advance Placement classes to help them reach their full potential. Donate today

Teen Leadership Programs:

$20,000 will help 300 young people grow their leadership skills, build confidence, improve public speaking skills, and develop into the next generation of leaders through non-traditional sports programs and education and leadership programs for underserved teens. Donate today

Water Safety Programs:

$20,000 teaches 200 children and families water safety skills while building confidence and self-esteem, without worry of the cost of lessons, especially focusing on serving communities of color where drowning rates are highest. Donate today

Enhancing People’s Health & Building Community

Chronic Disease Prevention Programs:

$30,000 provides nutrition classes, active play, and support programs for 300 children, families, and adults at risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity in a supportive, welcoming environment. Together, participants learn healthier options and make changes that can last a lifetime. Donate today

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