Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year, or the Lunar New Year, falls on the new moon between 21 Jan and 20 Feb. The most important holiday in China, rich with traditions to bring good luck to the household, long life to the family and honor ancestors.

We spoke with one of our YMCA members about their experience celebrating Chinese New Year.

"I started celebrating Chinese New Year when I married to my first husband, it was about in the early 70's when he and I met. He was a Chinese Cambodian man, and when we married it was a little sort of a new experience for me. I am a Cambodian Chinese woman, but growing up I never really practiced or understood the Chinese side of my family. Getting to experience this was actually something that was different for me, it was a lot of colors, praying and ceremonies. Since he was the man of the family he was the one who led a lot of these things, he was the one who would set the table when setting the offerings and he was the one who lit all the incense for all the prayers. I had learned it was mainly the man was the one who did all these things and it was when we were no longer married and that I didn’t have a Chinese man in my household I stopped celebrating."

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