10 Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating

Holiday season is here and that means sweet treats, office parties, family gatherings, and eggnog lattes. Seasonal temptations can easily derail your regular meal routine and healthy eating. Avoid holiday weight gain and stay on track with these strategies for a healthy celebration:

  1. Plan Ahead: Visualize before the event what you’ll do at the party and focus more on good conversation rather than eating.
  2. Don’t Starve Yourself: Have a nutritious snack or meal before you go to avoid hunger and the urge to binge on less healthy options.
  3. Bring Your Own: Offer to bring an appetizer or side dish to share so you’ll be sure to have a more healthful option to enjoy without totally sacrificing your meal plan.
  4. Buddy Up: Set goals with a friend so that you’re accountable to someone besides yourself.
  5. Exercise: Register for a holiday-themed 5k, fitness walk, or other event to stay motivated and active.
  6. Limit Leftovers: Send guests home with leftovers and extra desserts to limit the amount available at home after entertaining.
  7. Make Smart Substitutions: Revamp your favorite dishes by cutting the refined sugar and replacing unhealthy oils in recipes with healthier alternatives like honey and canola oil.
  8. Choose Beverages Wisely: Limit alcohol and high calorie mixers like egg nog or fruit juices. Choose wine or simple mixed drinks with seltzer or tonic water.
  9. Maintain Perspective: One day of unhealthy choices doesn’t need to be an excuse for a whole season of over indulgence. Put it behind you and make healthier choices the next day.
  10. Celebrate the True Meaning of the Holidays: Focus more on quality time with  friends and family instead of the foods served. Plan a fun, active outing rather than a happy hour or dinner.