Building pathways to success using technology

YTech Digital Pathways Program Overview

YTech Digital Lifehacks:

A series of 6 workshops targeted at young adults experiencing or at risk of homelessness, focusing on real-world digital skills that will increase participant access to employment, education and other important resources, including housing, and healthcare. Participants will have the opportunity to earn laptops, tablets, and internet connection through hotspots.

YTech Tuesdays:

A weekly after-school program for middle and high school students, intended to help build a bridge between low income youth, youth of color, immigrant and refugee youth, and Seattle’s tech economy. Participants will participate in skill-building workshops, field trips, and job shadowing. This program will include building partnerships with various tech professionals within the industry. Participants will have the opportunity to earn laptops, tablets, cameras, and internet connection through hotspots.

Job Readiness Training:

In conjunction other organizations, YTech programming aims to have youth be aware of the importance of both soft and hard skills. In partnership with the Horn of Africa Services organization, youth are taught interview techniques, how to job search, and more. In addition, they are given projects that allow them to allow use and learn devices such as cameras, camcorders, and laptops for presentations.

Furthermore, youth attending the YTech program will have the opportunity to ask for tips from various professionals in how to get themselves started and what approaches are best taken; the program has a slight integration of leadership skill building through moments of mentorship from professionals and volunteers.