The Independent Living Program is a federal program aimed at helping young people successfully age out of foster care and into safe and stable early adulthood. Participants in this program receive ongoing case management from the time they are 15 years old until their 21st birthday. Staff work alongside young people to help them find and maintain stable housing, healthy relationships, steady employment and educational attainment.


YV LifeSet is a program run in partnership with Youth Villages. The YMCA provides clinically-focused, high intensity case management for alumnus of foster care ages 18-22. Young people enrolled in the program meet with YMCA staff each week and talk to them throughout the week. In this program we work alongside young people as they set goals, learn to understand the drivers of their choices and achieve stability. The young adults in this program receive intensive support to help them find and maintain housing, enroll/stay in school, address mental health and legal issues, build healthy relationships and find stable employment.


Research shows that young people in foster care do not graduate at the same rate as their peers who are not in state custody. The SETuP program is focused specifically on helping young people, ages 13-21, graduate from high school or obtain their GED and/or enroll in post-secondary education. Staff in this program work with young people and their supports to identify and address barriers to academic achievement and apply for college or vocational programs after high school or GED completion.

The Center for Young Adults is located at 2100 24th Avenue South, Suite 250, Seattle, WA 98144 and is open Monday through Thursday 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm. Please call 206 749 7550 for more information about housing, education, employment, and alumni of foster care services.